The Slot Machine vs. TFO Pro S Combo [Pros & Cons]

Slot Machine VS. TFO Pro S Combo – what’s right for YOU?!

This video will explain the pros and cons of the two rod, reel, and line combos that are offered in our online tackle store.

So if you have a goal of catching more fish with lures this year, you’ll want to listen to this comparison video because both of these rods are excellent options for catching inshore slams with lures.

Slot Machine VS. TFO Pro S Combo [VIDEO]

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Links To These Combos:

Fuego Upgrade

As mentioned in this video, the new Fuego is extremely impressive given that they did a big upgrade to it without moving its price up.

So if you need a new reel for medium power inshore fishing, then I highly recommend getting one of these new Fuego reels.

Click here to see the new Fuego LT reels


For those of us who strive to catch as many inshore slams as possible with lures, rod and reel selection is crucial.

The rod is by far the most important of all since it’s the primary factor in casting, feeling strikes, and setting the hook… all of which are critical to get right.

These two combos are both great options, so it just comes down to budget as well as how rough we are on our gear knowing that the higher modulus rods require more care.

Please use the comments section below if you have any questions.

Tight Lines!

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Jason Beery
1 month ago

Do you have a good choice for an all around inshore rod and reel package that can catch red and snook with artificial and live bait?

Michael Guay
3 months ago

Thanks for the comparison

Derryk Allen
4 months ago

Great common sense approach to rod purchasing considerations after all the tech data and trials are concluded, “how hard are you on your gear”?

Ronald Peedin
4 months ago

great infor

Jeff Snowden
4 months ago

Great video. I have purchased 2 of the TFO combos and loved them so much I just bought 2 more TFO rods at member pricing to replace cheaper gear. I think I’ll break down and buy the slot machine combo because really want to try it out.

Thomas Utley
4 months ago

Awesome video Luke and if I did t have all the inshore equipment that I have purchased from y’all I’d be standing in line want to get one ….. Job well done

Mark R Johnson
4 months ago

I’m waiting for the MH Slot Machine version to come out.

Adam Carter
4 months ago

I’ve got both as well. I really like the Slot Machine, but I can almost get 2 of the TFOs for the price of one Slot Machine. So if you are on a budget, then TFO is still a good option and I have caught a lot of fish on them. I do like that the Slot Machines first guide does seem to be more positioned to let the line cast out more smoothly. I’m not sure how much this can affect my casting distance ( maybe a head to head comparison could be done Luke??). Both set ups are great and I do like that the Slot Machine is made in the USA as well.

Jesse Goodwin
4 months ago

I made it the mistake of making my first casts with my slot machine combo up to the mangrove. Due to it casting easier than I was accustomed the third cast went into the trees. When I pulled the bow of my Gheenoe into the mangrove to retrieve my lure, a limb brushed over the rub rail and down inside the boat where my rod was laying and broke 4” off the tip. It was laying with four other rods, but only the slot machine was fragile enough to break. I was highly disappointed. I later moved the tip to the broken end and have continued using it. I didn’t get to use it enough to know how much better it was as a complete rod.

George Layton
4 months ago

You hit the nail on the head Luke, I’ve got & use them both. Your descriptions are 100% spot-on & although the TFO can handle any inshore fish, the Slot Machine performs like my old ’67 GTO did, PERFECTLY. I’m ordering the new Fuego 2500 now that it’s available. After seeing & handling it at ICast & speaking with the Daiwa rep, it’s an improvement on an already proven winner !!


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