Saltwater Kayak Fishing (Best Kayaks, Accessories, & More)


Want to become a better saltwater kayak angler?

Then you’ve got to hear this discussion with some top kayak fishing pros!

There’s a lot that goes into kayak fishing that waders and boaters don’t have to worry about, and in this video, we’re talking about everything you need to know.

We covered:

  • The best kayak brands
  • Must-have accessories (and which ones aren’t worth the hype)
  • Biggest kayak fishing mistakes to avoid
  • How to rig up your kayak
  • Essential kayak safety (including a scary story where Luke had to save someone)
  • And much more

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Saltwater Kayak Fishing [VIDEO]

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Saltwater Kayak Fishing [PODCAST]

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Here’s a timestamped table of contents from my conversation with the Salt Strong Fishing Coaches about kayak fishing:

2:04 – The biggest mistakes kayak anglers make

8:00 – Why you don’t want to install too many things on your kayak when you first get it

11:45 – The best life jackets for different scenarios

16:17 – The top kayak brands for fishermen (Hobie, Old Town, Heritage, Vibe, and more)

19:36 – How NOT to store your kayak

20:40 – The easiest and cheapest way to get into kayak fishing

21:35 – Pros and cons of different peddle kayaks

27:00 – Justin’s weird toe trick he uses to steer his kayak

30:36 – A warning about knowing your limitations and how far you can travel

32:35 – Whether or not you should add a trolling motor or Power-Pole to your yak

39:04 – Whether or not you should use a depth finder or fish finder

46:01 – Our best advice for bass anglers getting into saltwater fishing

49:21 – What our kayak setups look like

52:10 – Why standing up in a kayak in a game changer

59:38 – An easy way to get better at kayak fishing


how to measure fish

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to bust out my kayak and hit the water!

Luke and I have been kayak fishing since the 90s before it was cool and we love that manufacturers are making the sport easier to get into and have success with.

What was your biggest takeaway from this discussion?

Have any other questions about kayak fishing?

Let me know down in the comments!

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1 year ago


Chad Essex
2 years ago

I am a novice kayak fisherman, super green, but I’m curious if you were to mount a trolling motor on your kayak, what make and model would you pick, and what battery would you choose? I fish in Sargent, TX where the water is pretty shallow, and I’m guessing no more than a 10 mile round trip fishing day. Thanks!

3 years ago

I got “HOOKED” on kayak fishing about 18 months ago. I was pretty confident I wanted a pedal drive and had a friend with a Hobie Outback. I ended up purchasing a tandem Hobie pedal drive on FB Marketplace and thought I had the deal of the century! I didn’t… BUT – I sold it back on Marketplace for $100 more than I bought it for! Next up I found a nice used Hobie Outback. It was a little older, but was an outstanding purchase. I upgraded the pedal drive and had a ton of success on it. Only thing I really didn’t like was that I couldn’t stand in it really at all. Again, back to FB Marketplace and sold it for what I had in and got a newer Hobie PA 14. I love it! It’s big, I can stand, 180 drive helps pull fish out & away from structure. I’ve spent some time really customizing it what fits me well on the water. Can’t say enough about going slow on customizing. I still don’t LOVE my solution for my net, but I’ll figure it out.

For me:

PRO – size is great. super stable. I can stand, sit, and move around without much worry. I can take bigger boat waves and not get swamped (I live near Stuart Inlet and some boats like to plow 5′ wakes) I can go almost ANYWHERE and can reasonably cover up to 10 miles pedaling in a day.

CON – weight. No way is it going on a rooftop, I trailer mine for now. I live across the street from a good launch, so that helps a ton. It is a bit expensive – I found mine use for $2K (2018 model) but I would rather spend the money here versus other $500 reels, etc.

Do some research, try something, buy used & don’t be too worried – these things sell almost instantly online if you want to do something different!

3 years ago

Thanx for the knife comments. Never without a self inflating life jacket or a knife. Fishing it is fixed blade, cross draw, sharp! It is the quickest way to get unhooked from something dragging me where I don’t want to go. Not in the bait block, not a folder in a pocket, it has to be on me, in easy reach.

francisco salazar
3 years ago

What is the best pedal kayak under 75lbs? (hull weight)

Kenneth Aucoin
3 years ago

I have a 2017 Hobie Revolution 11. It’s under that 75lb weight for the hull. What makes this the ultimate setup for me is when I added the Hobie Ama Sidekick outriggers. They are super light and easy to store away and they make the stability amazing. I can easily stand and fish without issue.

Art Heiter
3 years ago

Luke, how about a quick video of how your using the rope to handle your paddle board paddle while your standing up? You ever have any issues with it slipping out?

Art Heiter
3 years ago
Reply to  Art Heiter

No worries… found an old video of where you demonstrated it. Definitely going to give this a try.

Alan Dignan
3 years ago

Great show today. As a novice kayak fisherman, this was a great listen, with people who have the experience.

cedric Cheek
3 years ago

Tony’s analysis of the Jackson Coosa FD was exactly the same as mine. Just sold mine, and now the proud owner of a Hobe PA14, which I rented several times prior to unloading $5K. And also like you guyz, I have been Yak fishing since the mid to late 90’s inshore mainly. Glad to be new member of the club. Big fan! have learned a ton. I live in NC, but fish southwest Fl. several times a year, as well as lots of other spots in NC, SC, Ga, and the Panhandle. Cedric Yak-Bro Cheekz

Glenn Acomb
3 years ago

Over the years I have preferred a light, sit-on-top kayak for ease in loading onto my SUV rack. I have an old Ocean Kayak that weights 50 lbs, and the fishing accessories I add after I unload it – especially rod holders. Many of the tricked out fishing kayaks weigh 75 lbs. and the pedal versions can run near 100 lbs. For me, that requires a trailer since I often meet my fishing friends or I fish alone. I echo the point made to keep it simple with the gear (assuming you fish in 6′ or less and water has come clarity.

Christopher LaMonaca
3 years ago

For me, this video was perfect timing! I am currently looking to getting into Kayak fishing and the research has been overwhelming. ALOT of the questions I have had was hit on during this broadcast. One of the best purchases I have made was joining the Salt Strong family! Appreciate you guys.


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