Simple Hack For Standing & Fishing From A Kayak Or SUP

By: Tony Acevedo on October 11, 2019
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kayak fishing paddle holster

Here’s a problem I see many kayak or SUP anglers struggle with…

They’ll be sight fishing for redfish or snook in skinny water, finally find them, bend over to set down their paddle and grab their rod, and then poof…

The fish are gone.

Or even worse, they keep their eyes on the fish, but set their paddle down noisily on their yak and spook off all the fish in the area.

Has this happened to you?

It used to happen to me a lot before I put together this simple tool that helps me quickly and quietly holster my paddle and grab my rod without taking my eyes off the fish.

Want to see this little hack?

Check out the video below.

Paddle Holster Hack [VIDEO]

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Have you used something similar to this?

Let me know about in the comments below!


If you’re sight fishing in skinny water you need to be as quiet as possible and make sure to not lose sight of the fish that you’ve worked so hard to find.

This paddle holster has helped me accomplish both of those things and catch lots of fish.

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Chad Cockrum

Check out the Otter Fishing Belt carried by Pack and Paddle in Louisiana.

You clip the paddle at your waist, and it stays in place irregardless of how centered the paddle is.

Adam Bailey

Tony, have you ever used the hook on your paddle blade? I’m looking for a new paddle and can’t see that the hook would be used much. I would think things would catch on it when I did NOT want them to. Thanks!


Tony, you need to put this on the market brother. 9.99 a piece and I think you would sell a million of them

Scott Rispaud

Hey Tony! I have a similar paddle keeper on my belt. I added a piece of Seadeck to the front hatch to make it even more quiet as you push the paddle into the bungee. Hope this helps anyone that may want to try it.