Weekly Newsletter: 10-13-19

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Happy Sunday Salt Strong Nation!

Have you ever wondered how to catch 50″ redfish?

Or what the best retrieve styles and speeds are to specifically attract snook, redfish or trout?

You’re in luck!

We’ll answer both of those questions and lots more in this week’s newsletter.

Plus, we’ll share some conservation tips and recognize our new Insider members for the month of October!

But first, shoutout to Insider member, Kristi, from 1Fish2Fish for the beautiful trout pictured above.

Alrighty, let’s dive in!

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This New Tide Forecast Platform Helped Me Catch A Slam In Under 20 Minutes [Insider Report]

This new platform has proven to make the pre-trip plan much easier than ever before as seen by this first trip getting a slam in under 20 minutes.
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Kayak Positioning 101 [Mini-Course]

It’s positioning time! One of the biggest issues kayak anglers (and SUP anglers) face, is holding position and/or properly positioning ones self to fish effectively....
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Which Soft Plastic Lures Can Be Left On A Hook (And Which Ones Can’t)?

Have you ever wondered which soft plastic lures can be left out, and which ones need to be put back in their packaging? Check out this video for the answer.
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WINNER Announcement: Free Fishing Trip (Plus New Giveaway)

Did you win a FREE island fishing trip with the Salt Strong Brothers? Check out this article to see if you did, and to see how you could win again!
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Lure Retrieval Speeds Based on Target Species [For Soft Plastics]

It’s lure retrieval time! I have seen many questions come up regarding how fast, or how slow, you should retrieve soft plastic lures based on...
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Wade Fishing For Trout, Snook, & Redfish In The Fall/Winter

Want to catch more fish while wadefishing during this fall and winter? Listen to Wader Dave share his best secrets to have success in these seasons.
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Simple Hack For Standing & Fishing From A Kayak Or SUP

Do you stand and fish in a kayak or SUP? This simple hack will help you quickly and quietly go from paddling to casting so you don't lose the fish.
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Spot Dissection: Ft. Lauderdale, FL [Member Request Spot Analysis]

In this Spot Dissection, I will be narrowing down areas to target using Ft. Lauderdale, FL as an example. This area was requested by member...
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Jigging Around Bridges For Monster Bull Redfish (3 Must-Know Tips)

Looking to catch big bull redfish this fall? Try jigging around bridges. In this video we'll show you the best spots near bridges, best baits, and more!
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How To Get Paid To Fish In College (Legally) With Tyler Anderson

Have you seen this guy's underwater bass videos? Tyler Anderson is crushing it on social media and life in general, so we brought him on the podcast to...
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Do You Fish With Multiple Leader Line Sizes? Then Check This Out!

If you're targeting a variety of fish, you'll need a variety of leader. And if you want to keep leader close by, you might want to check out this organizer.
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Strong Angler Of The Week: Eric Lhopitault

This Strong Angler is helping out other members and catching fish left and right! He hasn't been skunked since he joined the Salt Strong Insider Club.
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