Jigging Around Bridges For Monster Bull Redfish (3 Must-Know Tips)


It’s fall and you know what that means…

Big bull redfish!

And by “big” we don’t mean slightly over-slot redfish…

We’re talking 50″ bull redfish!

I’ve got a video for you from Dan Craig, creator of DC Stix Custom Rods, where he’s revealing his secrets of how he caught some massive redfish by jigging under a bridge recently.

He shares:

  • The exact lure he was using
  • How he was retrieving the lure
  • The precise type of spot he was fishing in (so you can do the same in your local waters)
  • And how to fish these types of spots on both an incoming and an outgoing tide

Watch the video below to learn how to catch big bull redfish this fall and be sure to leave your questions down in the comments!


Jigging Bridges For Big Bull Reds [VIDEO]

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Were those some awesome reds or what?

When you’re jigging under bridges, keep these three things in mind:

1. Retrieve your lure with the current

The fish are looking for the current to bring them an easy meal, so make sure to:

  1. Position your boat down current of the bridge
  2. Cast up current
  3. Retrieve your lure with the current in the same direction a baitfish would be swimming.

If you retrieve your lure against the current, your lure will likely come from behind the fish, not look natural, and won’t get bit.

2. Fish as close to the pylons as you can

These fish are holding tight to the structure, hanging out behind it and out of the current, and then darting out when they see a struggling baitfish float by.

If you fish too far from the pylon, the fish may not see your bait, and you’ll be going home skunked.

3. Bounce your jig off the bottom

These big reds are holding close to the bottom, so when you cast, let your lure sink to the bottom before you start retrieving.


how to catch bull redfish

Are you going to try to jig up some bridge monsters this fall?

If you do, tie on a bucktail jig with a gulp trailer, toss it up current, bounce it on the bottom near structure and hold on!

Huge thanks to Dan Craig for making this video.

If you want to keep up with him and his fishing adventures or order a custom rod, you can do so at the links below:

Have any questions about bridge fishing?

Let us know in the comments below!

And if you know someone who would love to catch some monsters like this, TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Kevin M Lynch
Kevin M Lynch
11 months ago

Well done and informative. Thank you.

David Johnson
David Johnson
11 months ago

Excellent video
Question. Should I use lightest possible jig the current will allow ?
Also when there are various depths of pylons, wouldthe deeper or shallower be better on the strong tide? ( and slack)

Douglas Ledingham
Douglas Ledingham
11 months ago

Does this work on the bridges in southwest florida and which ones would be good to try?

Steven Free
Steven Free
11 months ago

Great vid awesome reds yea I still have my hobbie but I don’t use it very much anymore on the acct that one of my favorite areas I used to fish has changed so much it’s like the fl fish and game doesn’t want people to fish it anymore they drain it in the early spring making it almost impossible to fish then only fill it to a good level for a very short time in the fall then close it for duck season and the cycle starts again very sad and frustrating but fishing bridges probably can be done with a boat as well using the motor to help with the current thanks for the great tip and of coarse all you guys do for saltstrong????

Marco Quintanilla
Marco Quintanilla
11 months ago
Reply to  Steven Free

Awesome video, great job working the kaya


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