Wade Fishing For Trout, Snook, & Redfish In The Fall/Winter

By: Joe Simonds on October 8, 2019
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fall and winter wade fishing

It’s wade fishing time!

A lot of people say, “If only I had a boat, I would catch more fish…”

Or, “If only I had a kayak, I would catch more fish…”

Well, Wader Dave has a boat, kayaks, and paddleboards, but he still prefers to wade fish!

In fact, he wade fishes over 200 days per year and is a wade fishing guide.

It’s a great way to catch fish because you can be stealthy, thoroughly cover the area you’re fishing in, and a pair of wading boots is a lot cheaper than a boat!

In this podcast episode, we’re going to dive into catching fish during the fall and winter while wade fishing.

Wader Dave shares:

  • The best places to wade fish during the fall and winter
  • What to look for when fishing along the beach (when it appears to be just miles of straight sand)
  • When the best times to fish from the beach are, and when to ditch the beach and head to the backcountry
  • How he catches loads of fish from causeways
  • The one mistake most wade fishing anglers make (that you’re probably making, too)
  • His favorite lures that he always takes with him on a wade fishing trip

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Wade Fishing In The Fall & Winter [PODCAST]

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snook fishing from the beach

Wader Dave is making all excuses for not catching fish because you don’t have a nice boat or kayak irrelevant.

He has tremendous success catching fish often while just wading in knee-deep water, or even from the shore.

If you want to read more about Wader Dave or book a trip with him, you can do so at the links below:

You can also check out some of his other articles on Salt Strong:

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William Chambers

Great stuff! Certainly motivated to get out in the water this fall! I’m trying to start wade fishing more and only bring one rod. Just a question regarding switching between a topwater lure and a jig and plastic. Are you using a fluoro leader for both topwater and jig? Ive only ever used mono or braid/mono for topwater walking baits. However, I probably throw the jig and plastic(with fluoro)more so trying to avoid switching leaders if possible. Thank you!

David Ulgenalp

William – If I’m trailing my kayak or paddle board behind while wading, I bring a second rod and will often have it rigged with a top water bait tied to 18” – 24” of mono while using 3’ of fluorocarbon on my other rod that I’m using subsurface baits. If I only have one rod I go with flourocarbon.

William Chambers

Awesome! Thank you so much!

Charles Phillippi

Great work on this podcast, tips and instructive content! Its as simple as that. Work smarter not harder and catch more fish.

Joe Sheaffer

Awesome Pod cast Dave. Love wade, beach and pier fishing, your info is invaluable.

David Ulgenalp

Thanks Joe – hope it helps you catch more fish.