Beach Fishing

How To Catch Loads Of Fish On Vacation Without A Boat

Are you planning a vacation with the family and also want to get tight lines while you're there? Fishing a new area can be tough but if you...
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How To Read The Beach When Surf Fishing (And Stop Getting Skunked)

Do you know the most important factor in being successful at surf fishing? Even with the best gear and freshest bait, if you don't know how...
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Top 5 Surf Fishing Baits (For Pompano, Whiting, Redfish & More)

Have you wanted to try using live bait to fish from the beach? Knowing which bait to choose, how to prepare it, and using this one secret...
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Finding The Best Beach Fishing Spots w/ Wader Dave

Its beach fishing time! Fishing from the beach in the summer can be a fun, relaxing, and productive way of getting on some fish. All...
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Surf Fishing Mistakes (And How To Catch More Fish On The Beach)

Do you want to fish from the beach, but aren't sure where to start? There are a lot of mistakes that you could make but if you know the one...
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Surfcasting For Striped Bass (With John Skinner)

Want to catch more striped bass from shore? You've got to see this video! John Skinner is sharing some of his best striper tips to help you...
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Beach Points: What They Are & How To Find Them

Want to know how to find the best beach fishing spots? See these two types of beach points and how to find them on satellite maps.
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How To Fish Beach Points For Trout, Snook, Jacks, & Sharks

Want to catch a lot fish in a short amount of time? This style of beach fishing is one of the best ways to do that and in this video, you'll learn how to...
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Finding Spots for Beach Snook [Spot Dissection]

In this Spot Dissection we will be showing what to look for when targeting snook from the beach, as well as lures and tactics. The...
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How To Catch Snook On The Beach (When Fishing From A Boat)

Want to catch more snook this summer? Hit the beach! See these five tips to catch snook on the beaches from your boat, including how to not...
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How To Catch Sand Fleas (Without A Sand Flea Rake)

Want to see an easy way to catch sand fleas? Learn how to catch them in this video, as well as the best tides to catch them and how to find them.
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7 Types Of Sinkers (Pros, Cons, & How To Use Them)

Do you know about the different types of sinkers? Learn the difference between mobile vs. static sinkers here and see when you should use each one.
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Surf Fishing Q&A: Rigging Tips, Gear Tips, & More

Want to know what the best fishing line to use in your surf fishing rigs is? Or whether or not you should use swivels in your rigs? See these answers here.
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Beach Cart Review: Fish’N Mate Jr. Specs & Upgrades

Thinking about getting a beach cart to help carry your surf fishing gear? Watch this review of the Fish'N Mate Jr. to see everything it comes with, plus...
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Beach Fishing Cart Tires Review (Pros, Cons, & Installation)

Want to know what the difference between beach and pier tires are for your fishing cart? See the differences here, as well as how to install new ones.
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