Beach Fishing

From The Beach To The Bay [Wade Fishing With Wader Dave]

I joined up with Wader Dave to do something a little different! We started off fishing out on the beach in the Gulf of Mexico...
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Surf Fishing In The Spring [Beach Lessons With Capt. B]

I'm back with Capt. B for surf fishing in the spring! We're in the early days of spring and on the hunt for some pompano. Check out the...
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Our First Surf Fishing Color Contest [Most Fish I’ve Ever Caught!]

It’s late winter/early spring, and we’re BACK on the beach with Capt. B! This time we experimented with different colors of FishGum. Capt. B relies...
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How To Prep & Rig Clams For Surf Fishing

Capt. B is back to show us how to rig clams for surf fishing! This is the EASY and QUICK way to crack them open and get them on a hook.
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Endless Surf Fishing Action With Capt. B!

My last trip out with Capt. B was non-stop surf fishing action the entire time! From start to finish, we were on the bite...
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Non-Stop Surf Fishing Action While Your Questions Are Answered!

Once again I hit the beach with Capt. B to crush fish from the surf! Not only that, but we also asked him all the...
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Land-Based Fishing Spots!!

One of the top requests on Smart Fishing Spots has been land-based fishing spots. You ask, you receive! Listen in to hear the exciting...
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How To Cast A Surf Fishing Rod Tutorial [Beginner Edition]

Casting surf fishing rods is a bit different than your typical inshore setup. Unlike traditional inshore spinning gear, the surf rods...
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Wintertime Surf Fishing Tactics For Pompano, Whiting, & Bluefish

Wintertime surf fishing can be a HECK of a time! With the right gear and approach in place, you'll find bites left and right...
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Surf Fishing In Winter For Pompano, Whiting, & Bluefish

Surf fishing in winter can be a HECK of a time! With the right gear and approach in place, you’ll find bites left and right....
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Winter Surf Fishing Tactics (Pompano, Whiting, & More)

Surf fishing isn't just for summer... in fact, the beach fishing bite can really heat up in the winter. Listen in as Luke shares what he...
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Beach Fishing In The Fall [Tips, Tactics, & Great Fish Recipe]

Beach fishing in the Fall sure can be a blast. This trip includes some fun fishing catching as well as some great beach fishing tips.
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The Shore Fishing Tackle Box: Everything You Need To Catch More Fish

What could be inside THE Shore Fishing Tackle Box??? This is just about everything you will need to be successful from shore...
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The Ins and Outs of Beach Fishing With Capt. B [Whiting, Pompano, & More!]

I teamed up with Capt. B to learn more about the ins and outs of beach fishing! We had multiple rods set up in a perfect spot on the...
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Have You Seen Our Beach Fishing Mastery Course Yet???

Over the summer, we filmed and published a Beach Fishing Mastery Course with Bama Beach Bum!! We got some INCREDIBLE drone footage...
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