How To Save Space On Your Boat Or Kayak (Simple Rod & Reel Tip)


Do you wish you could bring more rods and reels with you when you go out fishing?

If you own a small boat or kayak, space is very limited, so bringing more than three or four setups just isn’t realistic.

But in this video, I’ll show you a simple way of how I bring an extra setup without actually having to carry a whole new rod and reel.

It helps me save space, while still being prepared to fish different conditions.

Check it out below.

How To Save Space On Your Boat Or Kayak [VIDEO]

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I typically bring three rod and reel setups when I go fishing:

  • One rigged with a topwater lure
  • One rigged with a jig head
  • One rigged with a weighted wide gap hook

These reels usually have 10 lb. braid and let me fish all sections of the water column on the flats.

It’s a great setup, unless I want to fish structure.

Catching 40″ black drum under bridges just isn’t very likely with 10 lb. braid.

So what do I do?

Instead of sacrificing one of my other setups, I just bring an extra spool rigged with heavier line.

This way, I can quickly swap out a spool and be prepared to fish heavy structure.

So if you have some old reels that don’t work anymore, don’t toss them out!

You can keep them for spare spools like I do.

You can also visit rod and reel repair shops to look for spare reels that you can use.


fish finder black drum

Instead of bringing a rod rigged with heavy line for fishing structure, I just bring a spool that has heavy line on it.

It saves me the space from bringing a whole new setup, it allows me to keep my two or three reels rigged for open flats fishing, and it lets me be prepared to fish heavy structure.

Have any questions about saving space on the water?

Or have any other tips?

Let me know down in the comments!

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Frank Ashby
1 year ago

How to determine the correct mono ( Backing ) diameter for installing braid?

Shawn Rae
2 years ago


What pound braid do you use around docks, I purchased extra spools a few days ago prior to watching the video ( Ebay ), for this exact reason. I have recently rigged my Paddle boards for fishing, two rod limit.


Gary Rankel
2 years ago

My 4th rig is a telescoping rod that’s easily stored out of the way.

Josh Norris
2 years ago

Ive wanted to do this for awhile strictly to switch out a certain setup from braided line to mono line. I primarily use braided line, but while sheepshead fishing, I have lost several fish in pilings since braid is not very abrasion resistant. I wanted to have a spool of mono to swap it just for sheepshead. Good tip tony


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