Top 3 Live Bait Rigging Mistakes (UNDERWATER EVIDENCE)


Do you know about the live bait misconception that causes fewer trophy fish (and MORE CATFISH) to be caught?

Here it is…

It’s falsely believing that just because you send down a live bait that everything below the surface will automatically want to eat it…


Trophy fish are smart and they know when something is not right…

So if you send down a shrimp or baitfish that’s rigged incorrectly (which MOST anglers do), there’s almost no chance of you hooking up.

In this video, we’ve got world-record holder, Capt. Peter Deeks, showing you the top three mistakes that most anglers make when they rig live bait that’s costing them dozens of fish.

Check it out below.

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Top 3 Live Bait Rigging Mistakes [VIDEO]

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When you’re fishing with live bait, your one goal is to make it look as natural as possible.

And to make it look natural, it’s all about how you rig it, so DON’T make these mistakes!

Here they are:

Mistake #1: Hooking Shrimp In The Back

If you hook a shrimp in the back, it’ll spin in the water or sit upside down — either way, it doesn’t look natural.

Instead, you need to rig shrimp in the head or the tail.

As Capt. Peter says, “If you’re not hooking it in the head or the tail it’s a fail!”

Mistake #2: Hooking Baitfish In The Tail In Heavy Current

When you’re fishing in heavy current, you need to pretend like you’re trolling.

And of course, when you’re trolling, you hook a fish near the face so that it’s more hydrodynamic.

If you hook a fish in the tail in heavy current, then it will twirl and spin and pretty much guarantee that you don’t catch anything.

When Capt. Peter is fishing baits in heavy current, he hooks them up under the chin and through the lips.

Mistake #3: Using Rigs That Are Too Flashy & Bulky

We’ve all seen those pre-tied rigs at the store that have weights and beads and swivels on them…

Those are meant to catch fishermen, not fish!

Simpler is better, and Capt. Peter has caught world-record fish on just two feet of leader and a splitshot.

(See how to tie the best overall live bait rig here)


peter deeks snook

When Capt. Peter calls me and says, “Joe, I learned more than I’ve ever learned about fish through making this course!” you know it’s good!

If you’re not completely satisfied with how many fish you’re catching each trip, then you’re going to love this course.

No matter where you live, or where you fish, understanding bait and fish behavior (and seeing it for yourself underwater) will help you become a better fisherman.

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Richard Fiorentino
1 year ago

how do you choose the hook for different bait and size? thanks

Last edited 1 year ago by Richard Fiorentino
1 year ago

I do like the rubber core sinkers over split shot espcially with heavy mono leader like 60 or 80 around piers for snook.

Tony Acevedo
1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Good stuff! They can definitely hold a bit better and you don’t run the risk of damaging your line as opposed to lead being pinched directly to it.

1 year ago

thanks it was helpful

Tony Acevedo
1 year ago
Reply to  hugh

No problem Hugh!

Thomas Quinn
1 year ago

I love these short videos.
I am a snow bird and spend winters in the Sebastian area. This past spring I had to sell my boat due to health issues. I would love to see a few more vids for the shore bound angler. Keep it up I have gained a lot of good information from your Manifesto.
Tom Quinn

Tony Acevedo
1 year ago
Reply to  Thomas Quinn

Thank you for the great feedback Tom!


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