How To Speed Launch A Boat


Do you sometimes feel like you spend more time launching your boat than actually fishing on it?

Are there ways you can be more efficient at the boat ramp?

If you want to learn how to speed launch a boat, check this out right here!!

How To Speed Launch A Boat

Three lane boat ramp

Lots of people take out their boats every day for anything from fishing to just enjoying a day out on the water.

Oftentimes, this can lead to traffic jams and long wait times on the boat launch line.

But, if you can be faster at the ramp than you are now, you can learn to speed launch your boat and avoid getting stuck at the ramp.

Also, you can prevent yourself from holding up the other boaters as well.

Safety Measures

Safety is always the #1 concern when launching or operating a boat.

First, you need to make sure the trailer is locked down to the hitch of your truck or vehicle.

Double-check to ensure your safety chains are also intact before launching.

Additionally, if your trailers have breaks, make sure they are plugged in, in the case they are needed.

Setting Up The Speed Launch

You are going to unwind the front strap and chain ahead of time.

For certain smaller boats and skiffs, you need to maintain extra security and cautiousness when backing down the ramp.

You can hit the breaks too hard and the boat can slide off the trailer and onto the ramp.

Larger boats are not going to slide off the trailer as easily.

Moreover, make sure your drain plug is secure on your boat prior to launching it into the water.

In addition, you want to also have someone that can drive a boat behind the wheel ready to turn the key and go.

Then, simply back up your trailer down the ramp.

When the boat is safely in the water, you can reverse off the trailer.

Simultaneously, the individual driving the truck or vehicle can drive back up the ramp and within a matter of minutes, you are all set to go out and enjoy a day on the water!

How To Speed Launch A Boat [VIDEO]

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how to back a boat down a ramp

Speed launching your boat is a fast way to get your boat in the water while also minimizing your time at the ramp!

Remember that safety is of the utmost importance and everything must be in check before you launch your boat.

Do you have any more questions on how to speed launch a boat?

Let us know down in the comments!

And if you’re in the Florida Keys and want to book a trip with Capt. Hollywood and his crew, you can find them at

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Mark Ethridge
11 months ago

Great video Hollywood and Luke! Good info for if I ever get a boat.

frank marinucci
11 months ago

Guys, Great videos along with good comments from other members below. I have a totally unrelated question….what kind of boat does Capt Hollywood have..?


william morrison
11 months ago

Love you guys. Love the info, BUT, there is a few things totally wrong on this video, I am surprised it came from Salt Strong. No lock or pin in trailer coupler is not only unsafe, it is a law in many states! If you have bunk slicks on your float on, you should NEVER unhook boat till it is partially in water. If you have a roller trailer, lol, I shouldn’t have to say it. Otherwise, keep up with the great info videos.

11 months ago

That works great if there is absolutely zero chance the motor doesn’t start. I have learned the hard way to back it down, start the motor and then bump it off. It’s no fun drifting away from the dock with a dead motor and 20+ mph winds.

11 months ago

Easy rule of thumb …. boats float/ trailers sink. At some point they separate.


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