Walkthrough Of Coach Tony’s Gheenoe Classic [VIDEO]

The moment you’ve all been waiting for…

A detailed walkthrough of my Gheenoe from end to end!

Learn all about the customizations and features on my inshore fishing vessel below!!

Walkthrough Of Coach Tony’s Gheenoe [VIDEO]

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Front Of The Boat

This is a 1996 Gheenoe Classic 15’6″.

On the back, I have a 2003 15HP Suzuki 4-stroke Motor.

The Gheenoe tops out at about 20-21 mph with the Suzuki on the back.

I usually fish by myself on the Gheenoe but it can comfortably fish two people!

Moving to the front of the vessel, I have a Minn Kota Riptide Powerdrive Trolling Motor.

Also, I actually converted the trolling motor to have I-Pilot capabilities.

The motor weighs 55lbs and is 48″ which is ideal for this size boat.

Installing I-Pilot was quite simple and only needs a few replacement parts which is definitely a plus to have onboard.

Moving from front to back, I’ve got my cooler up front which is also my casting platform.

I use a bungee chord to secure the cooler to the cleats on the boat.

It holds all my food and drinks for the day while providing an elevated surface for fishing.

Moreover, I also have some marine mats on the floor to avoid making any loud noises if I drop anything.

I mounted a rod holder up front to the nose cap.

This comes in handy whenever I have to put the fishing rod down for whatever reason.

Along the side of the Gheenoe, I have a TackleWeb mounted to hold fish grips and hook removers.

Middle Of The Boat

Moving along, I have what is basically my console.

I use RAM Mounts to hold my phone and SIMRAD side-imaging device.

The phone mount comes in handy if I need to use it for GPS navigation or take a quick look at satellite maps.

Then I’ve got my GoPro on a Jaws Clip Mount.

This lets me take it off and move it if I need to.

As you move further down the vessel, you’ll come across the center bench and steering controls.

This vessel utilizes a stick-steering system.

The benefit of stick-steering is it eliminates the need for a center console and steering wheel which can take up a lot of space.

Having the steering in the center of the boat also contributes to overall balance so you don’t have to sit near the rear of the boat moving a tiller to steer.

I have the battery secured right behind the center bench.

The battery not only powers my electronics but it also helps with weight distribution.

Rear Of The Boat

First, I have some rod holders mounted on the back of the boat.

Rod holders are very handy to have so you avoid laying your rods down flat which could cause damage.

I stored my life jackets in the small space underneath the back bench.

I built a small platform out of some PVC pipe to keep the life jackets slightly elevated because the area underneath the bench is open to water and will get wet.

This is my attempt to keep things dry so the life jackets don’t get wet and smelly.

Off to the back right of the boat, I also have a Micro PowerPole mounted on the side.

I mainly use this for the shallows because I try to avoid using the Spot Lock feature on the trolling motor.

It is an easy way to completely blow out an entire area and spook fish.

In front of the motor is the gas tank that holds 6 gallons of fuel.

That will run the Gheenoe all day and then some.

Additional Features

I always keep a small dry bag with first aid, rain gear, and any other small things I may need.

The middle hatch underneath the center bench is also all storage space.

One side of the center bench is actually a working live well, however, I just use it for storage.

If I am fishing with live bait, I’ll usually have a cooler with me.

Another important item to have onboard is an extra tool kit with some spare parts.

I have multiple shear pins at the ready in case my trolling motor fails on me.

If you have a side imaging device, then you need to make sure the transducer is flush with the hull of the boat.

That way it doesn’t take on any damage if you happen to hit bottom.

You don’t want to damage the transducer.


Some upgrades and little improvements are always in the works when you have a boat or vessel!

I know you all have been wanting to get a full walkthrough of my Gheenoe and I’m excited to finally share it!

If you have any additional questions or suggestions, please go ahead and drop them in the comments below.

I would love to hear from you!!

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Steven Busby
8 days ago

Nice set up.

Robert Keubler
19 days ago

Tony, I have a 13 foot Gheenoe and found some of your ideas would work well on my boat. Excellent video you put together. Really nice well thought out boat. Congrats on the way you put it togeether.

Scott Splon
2 months ago

I joined Salt strong about 2 month ago and stopped receiving anything from them . I live at 123 long pond Dr Sneads ferry Nc

Bob Hartwein
4 months ago

Tony, what is the name of the Stick Steering product? It makes so much sense for NOT having a center consul & not sitting in the stern, which would change the weight distribution! This setup makes total sense!

David Smith
4 months ago

Really nice setup Tony. Thanks for sharing.

Bob Hartwein
4 months ago

Truly a very nice setup! All made good sense. Thanks for taking the time

4 months ago

Tony or any gheenoe owner out there. How did you plug the livewell in order to use it as dry storage? I’m considering shooting 5200 down the gravity feed.

Jeffrey Honeycutt
5 months ago

I remember seeing your video of upgrading your trolling motor work I-Drive but cannot find the video anywhere. Could you post a link?

5 months ago

Beautiful Boat Tony, was wondering why type of mount/ bracket your using on your trolling motor?

Jose Gonell
7 months ago

Been meaning to ask about your setup, looking at moving away from my kayak, somewhat. How does it do with the wake from bigger boats?

Jose Gonell
7 months ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

thanks, moved down to CFL, sold my kayak and now looking to get back on the water. Been looking at them for a while now as an alternative to a pedal kayak


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