Better Boat Cleaning Soap Review


Care for your boat (and the environment!!!) by using Better Boat Cleaning Soap!

We often get asked many questions relating to boat care and how to clean your boat after a trip on the water.

Learn more about Better Boat soap right here!

Better Boat Cleaning Soap Review [VIDEO]

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Rule of Thumb with regards to boat cleaning soap: LESS is MORE!

It is extremely important to make sure the soap you use to clean your boat is biodegradable.

We need to make sure our waterways are clean and our marinas do NOT smell like bleach.

If you wouldn’t want to swim in the cleaning products you use, then don’t use them.

Because those same harmful cleaning supplies could end up right in the water you swim in.

Better Boat makes a biodegradable soap that is excellent for cleaning boats without affecting the environment.

Cleaning Tools

In addition to less harmful soaps, you should also get a brush with a longer handle to scrub in places that are tough to reach.

Better Boat also makes a boat brush that is fine enough to use on the motor and tough enough to get stains out without having to break your back scrubbing a hard-to-reach area of your boat.

Furthermore, a nearby hose is incredibly useful but hoses with metal nozzles can be a problem.

Make sure the hose you are using to wash down your boat has a rubber nozzle on the front.

If you are cleaning your boat and accidentally drop a metal nozzle on your boat, it can cause scratches or even further damage that can be avoided beforehand.

The last and most notable tip is to wash your boat as quickly as you can after coming off the water.

The longer your boat sits there and dries, the harder stains and muck are to get off.

I always prefer to keep my brush handy with me out on the water.

In the case of a fish bleeding on the deck or grime dripping off of my cast net, having a brush handy makes a world of difference for the cleanup.

Fish blood or other stains on the boat are incredibly hard to get out and best if you act on them as fast as possible.

Anything you can get off your boat while out on the water will pay off in the long run.

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It is important to keep your boat maintained and clean but also keep the environment in mind.

Lots of cleaners contain harmful chemicals that infiltrate our waterways and could cause damage to marine ecosystems.

If you know of any other excellent, biodegradable boat cleaning soaps, please let us know in the comments below!!

Do you have any more questions about Better Boat Cleaning Soap?

Let us know down below!!

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Craig Berns
1 year ago

Thanks for all the help I have just purchased a 19 foot Sundance which makes me a very very new boat owner to saltwater fishing

Thomas Viviano
1 year ago

HeyJoe , I bought in on your membership . How about my introductory cleaning kit for keeping your boat clean?

Rob S
1 year ago

Many people associate the term biodegradable as meaning environmentally friendly. That is not my understanding. Many biodegradable soaps have phosphorus that help breakdown and remove the gunk. I think biodegradable products were originally formulated for minimal impact when disposed of through a wastewater treatment facility, not into water bodies. Soil bacteria breaks down the biodegradable ingredients but bacteria in the water does not. This doesn’t mean all biodegradable products damage the environment but they shouldn’t all be assumed to be safe. Generally, biodegradable soaps should not go directly into our water bodies if it can be avoided (read the 200 foot “rule”). However, I’m guilty of occasionally using one to spot clean hard to remove gunk when my boat is on the lift. Just be aware to minimize using cleaning products unless there is no other choice.

There are many online links on this topic but here is one . . .

george schaeffer
1 year ago

After you clean your boat a product called Flitz speedy seal is a ecosafe green product that gives your boat that off the lot shine.,

Parks Freeze
1 year ago

Simple Green is excellent, biodegradable, and from seaweed.

1 year ago

Simple Green and a pressure washer

Randall Phelps
1 year ago

I use an electric pressure washer. Any soap I use ideally should be compatible. Sure, I can scrub with a brush and rinse with the pressure washer, but that is less effective and twice the work.

1 year ago

Hey that looks like a good product. I use a multipurpose cleaner called Sol-u-Gard Botanical from Melaleuca. It is all natural, always has been and always will be. Works great. Another product they have for the dash and electronics interfaces is Tough n Tender. Melaleuca has been committed to never using harsh dangerous chemicals since their beginning 35+ years ago.

Luke Simonds
1 year ago
Reply to  Darrell

Thanks for sharing the intel Darrell!


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