How To Hook Shrimp On A Jig Head (EASIEST Way To Catch Fish)


Want to know the easiest way to catch a ton of fish?

Find a spot with structure, current, and bait, and throw a shrimp rigged on a jig head out there.

You’re almost guaranteed to catch fish!


The shrimp doesn’t look natural.

Fish are smart and if the shrimp is spinning in the water the fish are going to know something is wrong and not eat it.

So how do you keep your shrimp from helicoptering?

It all comes down to how you rig it, and in this video, we’ve got Capt. Mark “Hollywood” Johnson showing us the best way to rig shrimp on a jig head.

And just to prove how well it works, he had me cast out the shrimp he rigged for me twice and I caught two snook in a row…

Check it out in the video below.

P.S. A big (and rather scary) Everglades crocodile even made a guest appearance that shocked us all! (I think Joe might’ve peed his pants.)

How To Rig Shrimp On A Jig Head [VIDEO]

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Here’s how to rig shrimp on a jig head so they’re both hydrodynamic (they won’t unnaturally spin in the water) and aerodynamic (they’ll cast far):

Step 1: Pinch the tail off.

When you pinch the tail off you’re letting extra scent in the water, plus giving yourself a place to insert the hook.

Step 2: Thread the hook through where the tail was and out of the back.

Be sure to bring the hook out through the center of the shrimp so that it’ll stay straight when in the water.

Step 3: Cast it out and catch some fish!

When you’re retrieving shrimp on a jig head you can drag them along the bottom, bounce them on the bottom, or do a lift and drop like I was doing here.

All three methods work, so test them and see what is working for you that day.

Pro-tip: Use a boxing glove style jig head.

Although I was using a trout eye jig head in this video (which I prefer for using artificial lures), I recommend a boxing glove style jig head, like the Mission Fishin jig head, if you’re fishing live shrimp.

This is because when it’s on the bottom, it’ll sit upright.

You can see that as Hollywood rigged the shrimp on the trout eye jig head, it just fell over to the side on his hand.

It’ll do that under the water, too, which doesn’t look natural.

But with a boxing glove style jig head it, it’ll sit upright, look more natural, and catch more fish.

You can get the boxing glove style Mission Fishin jig heads from our store here.


summertime beach snook

Pinching the tail off and threading the hook through where the tail was and out of the shrimp’s back is the best way to rig shrimp on a jig head.

This way it’s hydrodynamic (so it doesn’t spin in the water), aerodynamic (so it casts far), and it clearly catches fish as shown by the two snook I caught here.

Have any questions about rigging shrimp on jig heads?

What’s your favorite way?

Let me know down in the comments.

You can get the Mission Fishin jig heads from our shop here.

And if you’re in the Florida Keys and want to book a trip with Capt. Hollywood and his crew, you can find them at

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2 months ago

Was that a crocadile or alligator?

Allan Vrboncic
5 months ago

You can use the Weedless Trout Eye Jig also.

Allan Vrboncic
5 months ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

That was too funny with you and that Croc. A few more seconds and it would have grabbed your Snook underneath the water before you even saw it. 😂😂😂

Old Nole
1 year ago

So simple, but I had never tried this technique. Worked great last week on mixed bag of St Marks River area trout, Ladyfish, some mangroves and even a few Spanish Mackerel. I found biting the tails off was better than “pinching”. Thanks Team SaltStrong!

Joel Johnson
1 year ago

Somebody should tell Hollywood that elephants do not eat peanuts.

1 year ago

What size jig head was used in the video.?

Ed Layman
1 year ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

That must have been very deep water. I like the Z-man trout eye jig head for soft plastics and now for live bait. I was not aware of that size nor seen it in the store.

peter yannetta
1 year ago

Hey Luke….very Kool!
Have you fished the Texas Eye jighead? Perhaps youcould do a vid. on it with proper rigging for the members who my be interested. Tanya Dowdy got me going on them…..!

Amy Catherine
1 year ago

OMG!! How wild!! Why do you raise your rod tip up and reel down when your retrieve? It seemed to have quite good results.

1 year ago

Great video! Got a question for yall, if you had to pick only one color jig head to use the rest of your life what color would you go with? I know water with different quality/clarity could push people to certain colors, but if you had to choose one what would it be? Great content as always!

Mark Hollywood Johnson
1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

If it ain’t chartreuse…it ain’t no use

Malcolm Hayward
1 year ago

Thank you very much. I shall be more tidy in future.
We use them, drifting the bottom for flatties.
No mention of garlic powder.
My dead shrimp are always packed with garlic powder before the trip.
Never tried squeezing garlic juice. Perhaps I should. Variety, who knows?
Using a flat bottomed jig head should mean less “bottom fish” too.
Win Win.
Malcolm Hayward.

Steve Cascaddan
1 year ago

The “Hollywood” Addition to the Salt Strong Team is Great!
Say Hello from Capt. Cas


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