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How do you catch black sea bass on a spoon?

What are the best weedless weighted fishing hooks?

What are the best twitchbaits to catch spring trout?

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  • Best live bait setup for spring fishing
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Artificial Shrimp Lure Analysis [Power Prawn VS. Vudu/Live Target/Etc.]

This video explains the top pros and cons of many of the top shrimp lures for saltwater anglers. You’ll see which lures to get for...
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Redfish Stacked Up In A Hole [Insider Report]

I went to a flat that’s outside of some creek systems hoping to find some trout in the depth changes and redfish on the mudflats....
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How To Hook Shrimp On A Jig Head (EASIEST Way To Catch Fish)

Want to see the best way to hook shrimp on a jighead? This way of rigging them makes your shrimp look natural in the water and attracts...
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Exploration Trip For Redfish [Insider Report]

Time for another road trip! This week I’m headed up to Galveston to go fish with Salt Strong Insider Everett Eugenio and Lifer Wes Hall!!...
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Oysters, Mud, And Low Tides: Exploring A New Fishery [Insider Report]

Let’s be honest: we are hard-wired as a species to resist change and seek out comfort. But we also know in the back of our...
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Exploration Trip To Lake San Martin, TX [Insider Report]

In this report, I am fishing another area that is completely new to me in Port Isabel Texas known as Lake San Martin. I only...
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The Effect Of Pressure Systems On Fish [Insider Report]

On this trip, I wanted to fish an area that was close to the ramp due to inclement weather rolling in later in the day...
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Top 2 Weedless Weighted Hooks For Inshore Fishing

At this point, you're probably familiar with Owner Weighted Twistlock Hooks or Grip Pin Weighted Hooks. But, which is the better option?...
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How To Catch Black Sea Bass On A Spoon

Have you ever tried to catch black sea bass on a spoon before? Did you have any luck? Check this out to learn how to...
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Watch These Speckled Trout INHALE This Shrimp Lure!!

This is some classic, nonstop speckled trout action on the Power Prawn U.S.A.!!! Last week, Fishing Coaches Pat Ogletree and Wyatt Parcel went out together...
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Sightfishing Early Spring Reds [Insider Report]

On this trip, I returned to my home waters on the central east coast of Florida to check in on the local reds and trout....
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How To Quickly Find Inshore Fishing Spots (Based On Tides & Wind)

Want to quickly find inshore fishing spots? Check this out to see where fish are most likely to be feeding, how to avoid dead zones, and...
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The Weekend Game Plan Lesson: Full Moon Fishing [March 18th – 20th]

See the top game plan to use this weekend based on the warming weather, the high odds of high boat traffic, and the full moon currents.
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Be Prepared For Spring Flounder [Spot Dissection]

In this week’s Finding Fish Lesson, I will be analyzing an area to show productive feeding zones and migration patterns for Flounder this Spring. The...
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Try THIS Deadly Lure For Picky Spring Trout

What is your go-to fishing lure for picky spring trout? If you are struggling to catch more trout this spring, you're probably not...
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