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How do you catch black sea bass on a spoon?

What are the best weedless weighted fishing hooks?

What are the best twitchbaits to catch spring trout?

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  • Artificial Shrimp Lure Analysis
  • Hoss Helix Hooks!
  • Best live bait setup for spring fishing
  • Red Hot Redfish Bite [Fishing Report]

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What Could Be Causing The Seagrass To Die Off?

What could be causing the seagrass to keep dying off? Are there ways we as humans can get involved and make a change? The truth is...
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The Best Live Bait Rig For Spring Fishing

What has been your go-to live bait rig for spring fishing for any species? Do you ever use a slip float? In this video, you will see...
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The Ultimate Weedless Artificial Shrimp Lure Rig

Are you in search of the ULTIMATE weedless artificial shrimp rig? Welp, we've got you covered! Introducing the NEW Hoss Helix Hooks...
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Weekly Carolinas Fishing Forecast (March 18) [With EliasV Fishing]

Hey Insiders!!! Our Friend EliasV (who you’ve probably seen on Youtube catching MONSTER fish!) put together a great forecast for the upcoming fishing conditions in...
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Hackberry, LA Spot Analysis Request [Spot Dissection]

In this week’s Finding Fish Lesson, I will be dissecting an area around Hackberry, LA that was requested from your fellow Insider Club members Heather...
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Cancel Culture: It Might Shock You Who Gets Involved…

This whole cancel culture thing is out of control. And it might surprise you how many of us are actually part of the problem...
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Fort Morgan Alabama, Member Request [Spot Dissection]

In this fish finding lesson I am breaking down an area in Lower Alabama near Fort Morgan. I will show you where to find fish...
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Red Hot Redfish Bite In Port Isabel, TX [Fishing Report]

RED HOT REDFISH BITE!!! Last week, Fishing Coach Pat Ogletree's pre-plan and intel put him right on top of schools of redfish...
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