Best Lure Scent: Procure Vs Dr. Juice

Do fish strike lures because of profile and color or does it have to do with scent?

Have you ever used added scents to your lures for more effectiveness like Procure or Dr. Juice?

The truth is one has outperformed the other!

Check out more down below!

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Best Lure Scent: Procure Vs Dr. Juice [VIDEO]

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Best Lure Scent: Procure Vs Dr. Juice [PODCAST]

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You can follow the timestamped table of contents here:

  • 0:39 – Dr. Juice OR Procure
  • 2:45 – Why use scents?
  • 3:49 – Procure ‘Gel’ Vs Dr. Juice ‘Oil” (Visual differences)
  • 4:36 – Strength of fish scent detection
  • 5:52 – Why we like Dr. Juice
  • 6:00 – Oil Vs Water-based
  • 7:07 – Procure and Dr. Juice scent strength
  • 7:53 – How to clean Dr. Juice off your boat
  • 8:08 – History of Dr. Juice
  • 8:53 – How Procure creates their scents
  • 9:21 – Uniqueness of Dr. Juice
  • 9:31 – What is a sex pheromone?
  • 9:56 – Fish behavior
  • 10:26 – Fish response to sex pheromones
  • 10:43 – Scientific approach of Dr. Juice
  • 11:07 – Fear pheromones
  • 11:26 – The scientific properties of Dr. Juice
  • 12:19 – Comparison to mosquito behavior
  • 13:16 – Fish reaction to the fear pheromones
  • 14:08 – Schooling pheromones
  • 14:51 – Luke sight-fishing snook and redfish with Dr. Juice off a dock
  • 16:37 – Luke’s personal accounts using Dr. Juice
  • 17:46 – Catching black drum and sheepshead on shrimp lures using Dr. Juice
  • 18:32 – The Dr. Juice difference
  • 20:05 – Negative scent tracks podcast
  • 20:30 – Examples of negative scent tracks
  • 21:13 – Using scent on leader line before tying knots
  • 21:43 – Procure dyes color of monofilament
  • 22:00 – Reasons to like Dr. Juice
  • 22:15 – How much liquid to put on your lures
  • 22:22 – Too much Procure can negatively impact your lure presentation
  • 22:57 – Truth about using Dr. Juice
  • 23:24 – The best time to apply Dr. Juice scent to your lures
  • 24:18 – Other uses for Dr. Juice
  • 25:23 – Be careful when using on kayak or boat
  • 25:45 – Give Dr. Juice a try
  • 26:24 – Still need to be in the 90/10 zone with Dr. Juice scents
  • 26:47 – The Salt Strong advantage
  • 28:30 – Insider Club benefits
  • 29:34 – All it takes is ONE good trip with Dr. Juice!


applying dr juice

Dr. Juice has different chemical components and scientific properties that set it apart from Procure.

The pheromones and science that is embedded within the Dr. Juice scent ignite a feeding frenzy amongst hungry or dormant fish that cannot help but strike your lure!

Have you ever used scents to attract fish before?

What is your biggest catch by using a scent on your lures?

Let us know down in the comments!!

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Gerald Holt
1 year ago

I use both scents back and forth while out pedaling around . It seams to me the Procure stays on longer than the juice . after about the 4th or 5th cast I need to re juice The procure still smells on the bait after 15 or so casts. I will say this the bite is stronger the first two casts after using the juice .

Gary Hartge
1 year ago

I would try it, but I work in an office and I can only image the fallout after a weekend of fishing using Dr. Juice! 😂

Marion Hale
1 year ago

Does Dr. Juice work in fresh water?

Danny Mitchell
1 year ago

Dr. Juice scents have been around for a long time and have never really taken a foot hold in the fishing industry and separated itself from its competitors, where Procure sort of has. I’m not sure what the company (Dr.Juice) has all of a sudden done with their products to become the “best ever” fish attractant. However, I know several inshore guides/charter captains that buy Procure in the huge containers, and that’s what got me using it both inshore fishing and bass fishing. But of course I’ll try some Dr. Juice, but don’t believe it will produce more bites than the Procure products. Scented lures are most effective in tough conditions… winter fishing is just around the corner so we’ll see.

6 months ago
Reply to  Danny Mitchell

I’ve done a side by side comparison for the past 7 months. The first place winner… The Berkley Gulp scented products get the most bites, by FAR. Their scent dispersion is the best. But the soft plastics are made of cheese, and one lure catches one fish. And their price has went up. But the Gulps are truly KING. Now… if we switch to using hard baits and soft plastics that don’t have scent, and we decide to add our own scent… Pro-Cure (inshore slam and shrimp) have caught more fish than the Dr. Juice… in my experience. The procure is a gel, and is super stinky. It lasts for 10-15 casts. Even the crabs all over the lures you wipe the gel on. It’s also available to all my local tackle stores and Academy, for a much cheaper price. And… I’ve noticed that procure increases my freshwater catches significantly, mostly on catfish… but bass too. The Dr juice does catch fish… but if it’s not ‘better’ than pro-cure, then there is no reason for me to use it. It literally only lasts one to two casts. It’s not a gel, but a runny liquid that falls right off the lure. And after one cast, you can’t smell it at all. They can claim that Dr. juice has added the most scientific properties possible, but its more expensive, doesn’t last long at all, and doesn’t have the same drawing power as pro-cure. With all that said… if Dr. Juice was the only scent additive I had… I would DEF use it. Scent does work, and some scent is better than no scent

KEN Manstrom
1 year ago

Unable to use Dr. Juice because dispenser always clogged. Cleaned. Clogged again and messy.
What is the answer to this problem?

Bill Poletti
1 year ago

Can Dr. Juice treated lures and soft plastics be returned to the tackle box without damaging the lures? Or the tackle box? Does it sour of left on lures for an extended period of time?

Roger Hansen
1 year ago

Does Dr J work with Zman products (elastec) as well all other plastics (Slam Shady)? Also, can I soak lures with Dr J like Tony A. did in a video using Procure?

Roger Hansen
1 year ago
Reply to  Joseph Simonds


Andrew Hinshaw
1 year ago

Dr. Juice on everything, I love it now that I’ve gotten to compare it myself with pro cure but who has a Diawa Exist and paints their own cabinets? Diawa should have sent a crew over to do it for you as a thank you for buying such a nice reel.

Doug Lindhout
1 year ago

What would you think about Dr. Juice on a lure that will be trolled, like a bucktail?

1 year ago

Didn’t you carry a larger bottle of Dr Juice at one time?


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