Scented Baits

Here is the homepage for tips, tutorials, reviews, storage, and more for scented bait and soft plastic scents!

Best Lure For BIG Flounder? (THIS beat GULP! in recent test)

What is the BEST lure for BIG flounder??? Our fishing team was all having a conversation about our personal best flounders and...
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Use This Secret Hack To Catch More Fish On Spoons

If you want to catch more fish on spoons this spring, then you've got to check out this secret spoon hack! All you need to do is...
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The Alabama Leprechaun Story: Why This GOLD Lure Sold Out In 2 Days!

Do you know what would happen if a gold spoon and a shrimp got together and had a baby? I do. Here is the Alabama Leprechaun story...
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7 Essential Saltwater Fishing Lures That Catch Fish Pretty Much Anywhere

Do you want to see the 7 ESSENTIAL saltwater fishing lures that can catch game fish pretty much anywhere in the world? Check them out here...
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Any 11 Lures For Just One Penny? Here’s Why!!

Did you know we are running a wild promotion right now?!?! You can get any of our 11 lures for just one penny! Here is why...
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Gulp! Shrimp VS. FishBites Experiment

Which is better for catching pinfish or other baitfish: Gulp! Shrimp or FishBites? Is there a huge difference between the two brands? Check out this...
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Best Lure Scent: Procure Vs Dr. Juice

Do you ever use Procure or Dr. Juice scents to enhance your lure presentation? One is actually better than the other. The answer is...
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This Is How To Rig The Top 3 Z-Man Lures For Redfish

Do you enjoy using Z-man soft plastic lures to catch big redfish? The best ways to rig the top 3 Z-man lures are...
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Quick Trick To Catch More Snook Using Paddletails

Have you had trouble catching fish with a paddletail and cannot figure out why? There is one quick and easy trick that you might want to...
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