Use This Secret Hack To Catch More Fish On Spoons


You’ve got to see this outside-the-box secret spoon hack!

Spoons are a critical aspect of an angler’s spring tackle box.

This little hack will give you a slight leg up when fishing with spoons this spring!

Check it out right here!!!

Secret Spoon Hack

how to retrieve a weedless spoon

Spoons, weedless or not, are a vital part of an angler’s spring tackle box.

Spoons, however, are a reaction bait.

Fish tend to strike spoons more aggressively than other soft plastic lures.

Because spoons are metal, fish know right away that they’ve bitten down on something other than a baitfish.

As a result, you can end up missing fish or experiencing short strikes on spoons.

We thought adding some scent might do the trick!

However, Procure or Dr. Juice does not hold as effectively on metal lures as they do soft plastic lures.

This is where FishBites came in.

FishBites come in strips that you can piece out to use and they even catch fish themselves if rigged just on a hook.

But, there is a secret hack to using FishBites with spoons to ensure the spoon retains its desired presentation.

Rigging FishBites On A Spoon

First, you need to cut sections of about an inch in size from the strips of FishBites.

Once you’ve cut off a square of FishBites, you then want to hold your scissors diagonally and cut down the middle of the two diagonal halves.

Then, you need to cut off the point of the remaining piece of FishBites leaving a small, narrow strip.

This will be the piece you rig up on the spoon.

Now, all you need to do is slide the hook of the spoon through the edge of the FishBites.

Keep in mind you want a streamlined presentation so the FishBites should be attached so the piece you’ve cut swims correctly in the water with the spoon.

You do not want to affect or impede the wobble of the spoon in any way.

Having a bit of scent and contrast to the metal lure itself can give you the edge you need to hook into big fish.

The extra half-second or more the FishBites provide in keeping the fish interested in your spoon could mean the difference between dropping a fish and a tight line.

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Secret Spoon Hack [VIDEO]

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using spoons to catch redfish

Spoons are extremely useful, especially in the springtime, for working shorelines and oyster beds near grassy bottom.

Be sure to remember to cut the pieces of FishBites small and narrow enough so they swim properly and do not impede the presentation of the spoon.

Do you know of any other secret spoon hacks or tackle hacks that help you catch more fish in spring?

Let us know down in the comments section!

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Erik Watters
10 months ago

Yep learned the pork trailer addition from my dad 40 years ago or so! I supposed fish bites would be about the same!

Ray benson benson
11 months ago

Do u put dr j on the fish bites? Also I noticed the rod holders behind u in ur videos hold 4 rods & u can not use them in a boat situation. Mine hold 5 rods. Again I invite u to sawgrass & i’ll set u up with all the multi rod holders u need. Or just call me.

Mike Stella
11 months ago

Great tip I have the Johnson silver minnow and also gold cant wait to try it.

Dan Reffett
11 months ago

Anxious to try this out!

Pat Ogletree
11 months ago

Awesome tip Richard! I will give this a try for sure!

Larry Banach
11 months ago

I’m curious if anyone has tried a thin piece of fishbites in the belly of a Power Prawn?

Jan Radjeski
11 months ago

since fishbites became popular I agree that they make a good addition to the spoons as they stay on through multiple strikes. We used to cut thin strips of cut bait for trailers which seems to improve the numbers especially when the bite is tough. Only thing is that we seem to catch more junk fish too. Bottom line is it must work.

Levi Meyer
11 months ago

Good bait tip right there. When I was having a horrible winter skunking for weeks and had a friend coming to visit, I put a sand flea flavored white and orange colored shrimp bite on a 2.5” silver spoon on his pole. It was only in the high 40°s out that morning and he was able to wrangle up a trout with that set up.

Tom Roper
11 months ago

Richard have you found that the fish bite color matters?

Charles Blackwell
11 months ago

why do you make a diagonal cut first? why not just cut out slender pieces to begin with?

Charles Blackwell
11 months ago
Reply to  Richard Thomas



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