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What To Do When You See Redfish Tailing Everywhere!

While fishing the Florida Redfish Series Tournament in Panama City, I came across dozens of tailing redfish! This is exactly what you hope to see...
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#1 Most Common Mistake When Fishing With Spoons

THIS is the #1 mistake when fishing with spoons I commonly see out on the water. I myself made this same mistake for a long time until...
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The Only 3 Lures You Need To Catch Redfish In The Summer

These are the only 3 lures you need to catch redfish in the summer! Redfish behaviors are very season-dependent which actually...
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Trolling For Spanish Mackerel From A Kayak [Fishing Report]

Last week I struggled to get a bite in the midst of a Spanish Mackerel frenzy, so I decided to start trolling and see what would strike...
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#1 Beach Fishing Lure That Will Catch Any Species From The Surf

THIS is hands down the #1 Beach Fishing Lure!! No matter the species or weather conditions, this lure will trigger strikes...
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Hidden Tricks To Catch More Fish In Strong Winds

Sometimes it can be quite the struggle to catch more fish in strong winds. Even to the point where conditions are simply unfishable. But,...
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Use This Secret Hack To Catch More Fish On Spoons

If you want to catch more fish on spoons this spring, then you've got to check out this secret spoon hack! All you need to do is...
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Why You Need A Johnson Silver Minnow For Spring Fishing

Johnson Silver Minnow spoon jigs have been around for a CENTURY!!! How have these jigs lasted so long? Because they catch fish...
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How To Catch Black Sea Bass On A Spoon

Have you ever tried to catch black sea bass on a spoon before? Did you have any luck? Check this out to learn how to...
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Do You Really Need A Swivel For Spoons?

Do you need to use a swivel when fishing with spoons? What are the benefits or drawbacks if any? If you want to learn more...
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Artificial Lure Retrieval Methods [Mini-Course]

It’s lure retrieval time! We get numerous questions on “what is the best way to retrieve this lure?” The answer is…..many ways! There isn’t one...
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7 Essential Saltwater Fishing Lures That Catch Fish Pretty Much Anywhere

Do you want to see the 7 ESSENTIAL saltwater fishing lures that can catch game fish pretty much anywhere in the world? Check them out here...
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Easiest Way To Target Fall Flounder in Marsh Systems

Where and when should you target flounder this fall? The flounder are starting to move out of marsh systems and into larger bodes of water...
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What To Bring In Your Tackle Box For Inshore Fishing

What tackle does an inshore angler need to have a successful day of fishing? The essentials for any inshore angler starts with...
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How To Catch Redfish With Spoons (Best Retrieve, Conditions, & Colors)

Have you tried using spoons for catching redfish when conditions were less than ideal? Spoons can be a great lure to attract picky fish but...
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