#1 Most Common Mistake When Fishing With Spoons

THIS is the #1 mistake when fishing with spoons I commonly see out on the water.

I myself made this same mistake for a long time until I finally came around to realize it only hurt the action on the lure.

Here’s how to prevent making this mistake so you can trigger more strikes and catch more fish!

#1 Mistake When Fishing With Spoons [VIDEO]

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Spoon Setup:

Often, when fishing a spoon, people like to mix in their own twitches and pauses during the retrieve.

While this can be effective in certain situations, it is not the ideal retrieve for a spoon.

But what I’ve found to work best is a straight and steady retrieve.

You want the spoon to flutter near the bottom.

Spoons offer an advantage due to their weedless properties and built-in action.

You can toss spoons right up into thick grass lines without worrying about getting hung up.

However, adding twitches, pops, or anything else to the retrieve is not necessary.

It can sometimes appear unnatural and spook fish away.


The best way to retrieve a spoon is to cast it out where you think the fish are and let it sink down to the bottom.

From there, a slow steady retrieve will get the job done.

If you see me popping or twitching the rod is is likely because I think I’ve snagged some grass or a fish might have taken a swipe at the lure.

A slow steady retrieve will keep the spoon fluttering down on the bottom.

If you speed up the retrieve, the spoon will often tumble which appears unnatural and can cause twists in your line.

I prefer to fish spoons around oyster bars, grass lines, or areas with dense seagrass.

The spoon will remain weedless and avoid getting snagged while allowing you to effectively fish the area closely.

Spoons cast far and there really are no restraints for when you can use a spoon.

Windy days, cloudy days, sunny days, rough or calm days – spoons will get the job done.

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Finding The Fish Help

In order to help make sure that you are targeting the right areas based on the latest feeding trends and upcoming weather forecasts, make sure to use the following 3 resources because they will save you a ton of time.

1. Weekend Game Plans (updated weekly)

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3. Community Reports (live feed)

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Stan Bujnowski
7 months ago

wanted to ask what brand and type of yak do you own? I presently have a skiff and I’m thinking about getting a yak. I’ve been looking at two of them. First one is the Hobie 12 or 13 footer or the old town with the Minnkota trolling motor built-in. any information or recommendations you might have or know about either of those two thank you. Stan

Stan Bujnowski
7 months ago
Reply to  Matthew Lanier

Ok thanks Matt

Raul Fernandez
8 months ago

Thank you Matt, my question is what type of kont do you use to tie the spoon on and how long of a leader. Do you use any swival to tie the leader to the main?

Mel Bledsoe
8 months ago

When it comes to spoons an inshore fishing, up here in the panhandle of Florida. I and several of my friends use the Precision Tackle Copper spoons. Both in 1/4 oz and 1/2 oz. depending on the depth. I have caught everything on em, but I mostly use em for reds. I’ve watched reds drill em from 200 feet away like missles. Give em try folks.
As far as retrieval, fast, slow, 3 or 4 jerks, I do em all and I’ve caught 35 ” reds, 50 lb stingray, specks, mackerel, lizard fish, lady fish, flounder, puffers, and freaking turtles.

Mike Smith
8 months ago

I digress sir ? I’ve watched alot of your videos your always spot on , but I cordially invite you to fish with me in my area in Sept, and October, you will be quite surprised what we do with spoons .
They call me the Golden spoon boy , affectionately around here , I drive a few people around to good fishing spots with every thing we can think of under the sun , I don’t get to cast much cause I’m controlling my boat most of the time , some of my spots are like that , strong current ..I get very few casts , but usually bring home the trophy ..all I bring is one road and six prerigged spoons , but I use different weights and sizes and different rigging technics, for different situations ..a spoon is the most versatile fishing lure ever invented , and generally all I fish with , all year long ,you can fish a 3/4 Oz johnson splite like a yozuri, when the surface water cools a little ,add a swivel with what i call a key chain connector, it takes special pliers to do it , and good eyes , there tiny ( both very small , real ball bearing only , quality swivel ) my go to bait you could say , even for fresh water , inshore & offshore too … there ain’t to many species I ain’t caught with a spoon either ( a few ) even fish that don’t bite , mullet , flying fish , armored catfish ..( heay… snagging counts) , I release most everything but snapper and grouper of legal size and limit ,…. most times I release them too ..

Mike Smith
8 months ago
Reply to  Mike Smith

What I’m going for when I jerk my heavy spoon (like I got touretes ) is flash from the sun , I keep them polished for that reason , you ever been diving and seen the sun glare off these things ? It looks like a lighthouse on its side under water with its light on ..if you could imagine..

joe Whiteside
8 months ago

wow hard habit to break …Def going to give that a try with big red season coming in… Spoons are so awesome for anything…. Have caught everything from Spanish, Jacks, Reds, specks, sharks, lizard, gar and even fiesty pin fish.. put that on the bottom and you’ll get a doormat too. Load that aqua dream on a cashion rod and its so sensitive you can feel the fish sneeze!

Alan Pacanowski
8 months ago

I’ve been doing it all wrong, thanks for the info.

Ron Rudolph
8 months ago

Great video on the proper retrieve when using a spoon.

Jeff Wood
8 months ago

How is it rigged? Snap with swivel, straight to a swivel, just snap or line to line? Thanks

Terry Chavis
8 months ago
Reply to  Matthew Lanier

Matt where is your swivel located on this rig. I’ve never used a spoon but I would love to tie one on and give a try.

Fishin Girl Cathy Sanders (St. Aug. FL President)
8 months ago

I most likely don’t retrieve right when I am fishing inshore. I’ll make sure to use that slow steady retrieve with spoons next time. Thanks!

Pat Ogletree
8 months ago

Great video! That’s something I want to start using more of.


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