How To Catch Redfish With Spoons (Best Retrieve, Conditions, & Colors)


When it comes to choosing lures to target redfish, you have a ton of options out there.

But one of the most effective, simple, and time-tested redfish lures is the weedless spoon.

However, even though it’s such a classic and proven lure, many people still don’t know how to properly use it.

So in this video, you’ll learn:

  • The most effective way to retrieve spoons
  • When to use these lures (and when NOT to use them)
  • The best color spoons to use
  • And much more

Check it out below!

Using Spoons To Target Redfish [VIDEO]

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Spoons have been used for years and years to target redfish and they are a staple lure for inshore fishing.

Keep reading to see how you can use them to catch reds, too.

How To Correctly Retrieve A Spoon

You’d be surprised at how many people don’t know how to retrieve a spoon to get the most out of this type of lure.

The best retrieval method for a spoon is a constant retrieve with bumps and pauses mixed in that create a flutter action as it drops.

You’ll want to use this retrieve because it creates the best movement through the water to attract redfish.

Best Conditions To Use A Spoon For Redfish

Typically, I’m using a spoon on a day when it’s overcast, windy, or the water is dirty.

A spoon moves through the water with a ton of action, vibration, and flash.

So, this is especially effective when predators are having a hard time finding bait.

But it’s not the greatest to use in clear conditions because it can be overkill and actually spook fish.

When there is a ton of baitfish around, this is also a great option because this will stand out from the baitfish and the flash helps predators stay keyed in on it.

Best Spoons To Use For Redfish

Here are my favorite weedless spoons:

There are some differences between these two spoons with how you want to rig them.

The Johnson Silver Minnow has a fixed eye swivel so you’ll want to use a loop knot for this lure.

This will allow it to effectively flutter and work down during your retrieve when you are making those pauses.

But the Aqua Dream Spoon does have a swivel that is connected so you can use a snug knot on this spoon to have a strong connection to your leader.

Note: If they are sold out by the time you are seeing this, click the “notify me” button to get an alert when they are back in stock!


using spoons to catch redfish

With so many lure options to choose from, you’ll have to decide what’s going to work best for the conditions you are fishing in.

A weedless spoon is a great choice when it’s a nasty, windy day and when you see a ton of baitfish!

Have you tried using these two spoons to catch redfish?

Let me know down in the comments!

And if you know someone who loves to use spoons for targeting redfish, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Garrett Zrallack
2 months ago

Would a spoon be good for drifting a flat, and just covering a bunch of water?

Luke Simonds
2 months ago

Yes, a spoon can be a good option for that.

2 years ago

☆ Great tutorial Wyatt! Thanks for the insight.

Bob Fain
2 years ago

I fish a 1/4 ounce Gold Johnson Sprite spoon most of the time. It has treble hooks and sure is NOT weedless but it works … as long as the little red teaser tag is on the hook ring! If, after fighting a red, the tag breaks off I know from experience I won’t be getting hits until I replace that tag.

Justin Ritchey
2 years ago

Really awesome tips, my dude! Thanks for sharing this!

2 years ago

Believe me spoons work. I use them exclusively for Reds in Tarpon Bay on Sanibel. The half ounce Johnson weedless is perfect.

2 years ago

What boat are you on in the video?

Andrew Garrison
2 years ago

Thanks Wyatt. I’m going to tie on the spoon next trip in hopes of finally catching something up here in your old stomping grounds. Weather permitting, I’ll be back in the Lockwood Folly mud flats this weekend.

Steven Free
2 years ago

Ha maybe that’s what I should try because it seems sometimes in the summer I will see lots of redfish but have a hard time getting them to hit anything and usually the water is quite murky here in northeast fl Jacksonville area by then also there is plenty of bait and lately it has been quite windy thanks Wyatt for the info and all you do😁

Jack Dickerson
2 years ago

Great tip on when to use them. I always use a swivel on my spoons. Do you have a preference on using a swivel?

Luis Arana
2 years ago

Johnson spoons are my backup to paddle tails as a great search bait. I mainly have a 1/4 or 1.8 oz rigged or at arms reach to tie on. Used mostly gold and silver depending on the clarity of the water. I’ve tried with a trailer but found it adds way too much line twist. I usually have mine pre-rigged with a swivel to minimize twists. Swivel in either gold or silver to match the spoon. Quality ones, not cheapos.


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