Top 3 Fishing Lures That Catch Bass AND Redfish


Here’s a question we’ve been getting a lot recently:

What lures work for both bass and inshore saltwater fish, like redfish, snook, and trout?

If you’re planning on fishing both fresh and saltwater one day, or you’re making a change from fresh to salt or vice versa, here’s the good news: you don’t need to go out and get totally new lures.

There are a handful of lures that will catch fish no matter where you’re fishing.

Because although these fish might live in different types of water, they’re all very similar in how they feed.

They all want easy meals and can’t resist what appears to be an injured baitfish.

So in this video, I’m going to share with you the top three types of lures that will catch bass and redfish, snook or trout.

3 Lures That Catch Bass & Saltwater Fish [VIDEO]

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Topwater Lures

Whether you’re targeting bass, redfish, snook, or trout, none of these predator fish can turn down a rattling, plastic cylinder twitching across the surface.

It looks just like a hurt baitfish and it generates lots of reaction strikes.

I’ve found that using a walk-the-dog style retrieve is the best way to get these fish to hit, and my favorite topwater lure is a Heddon Super Spook Jr.

Paddletail Lures

Paddletails are excellent for catching pretty much all species of fish.

The wiggling tail gives off a lot of vibration in the water, which attracts fish, plus it gives the lure lifelike action.

You can put it on a swimbait hook and buzz it across the surface in grass for bass, or put it on a weighted hook or jig head to get a little deeper for saltwater fish.

My favorite paddletail is the Slam Shady.

Jerk Shad

A jerk shad is also great at catching both freshwater and saltwater fish.

I like to rig it on a weighted swimbait hook and bounce it along the bottom, which mimics an injured baitfish or a fleeing shrimp.

My favorite jerk shad is the Alabama Leprechaun.

Best Lure Colors

Although the color is important, it doesn’t matter as much as size, profile, action, and whether or not you’re fishing where the fish are (join us in the Insider Club if you need help finding feeding fish!).

That being said, our favorite paddletail color is white, and our favorite jerk shad color is green.

In both of those colors, we like specks of gold and silver, which helps attract fish.

As far as topwater lure color, it matters even less because fish are looking at it from the bottom up, and usually will only see a silhouette or the bottom of the lure.

However, we’ve had a lot of success with white topwaters (specifically, the Heddon Super Spook Jr. in the bone color) probably because most baitfish have a white belly.


speckled trout on owner twistlock hook

Whether you’re fishing for bass in a lake, or redfish, snook, or trout on the flats, here are three lures that can catch all of these fish:

But although lures are important, they’re not as important as fishing where hungry fish are.

It doesn’t matter if you’re working these lures like a pro, if there are no fish in the area, you’re going to get skunked.

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3 years ago

Have y’all had much luck with underspins? I have used an underspin by Cool Baits Lure Co. called the Downunder. Paired with Gulp and Powerbait bodies, I have caught keeper Spec and Sheepshead with it. My personal best Spec was caught on a 3/8oz. Downunder paired with a 4in PowerBait grub,Green Pumpkin(E. Matagorday Bay, TX.). My personal best Redfish (27&1/4inch) was caught on a Trout Magic (Strike King) paired with a PowerBait paddletail(Jetty, Port Aransas, TX.).
The BEST video y’all could create is a tutorial on how to sell your spouse on the idea of spending $$ to join Salt Strong.

3 years ago

Freshwater rapalas,devilshorse,spoons n pork rhine,grubs,sinkos,10″ rubber worms, chugbugs,mr twisters…caught bass and snook on all of those and more. Even on a hula popper.

3 years ago


Steven Free
3 years ago

Great advice Tony although I would have to add 1 more lure to the list the spinnerbait my go to lure for flounder and reds to after the topwater bite is over and have caught tons of largemouth bass on them as well both reds and largemouth love weeds and the spinnerbait is a hard one to beat in the grass also a weedless spoon is great for both thats why i love inshore salt fishing all the lures i used for bass work great in the salt to you just have to take care of your tackle and flush it more if using in the saltwater

Andy Benedict
3 years ago

I have been using the super spook jr lots lately here in TN. Have been catching lots of smallmouth bass in small creeks and ponds. One retrieve resulted in TWO 12+ inch smallies fighting over the spook jr.! Almost landed both but just one held on.

David H
3 years ago

A Zman chatterbait with a trimmed skirt and a soft plastic trailer thrown at a mangrove island at the point where water is moving or an eddy is prevalent will produce redfish strikes in late spring and early summer in the waters inside the st Lucie inlet. Pumpkin and blueish skirts are effective. Who knew?

Ed Mascellino
3 years ago

Hi guys, Whenever there is a tutorial on how to use a top water like a skitterwalk they’re always saying keep your rod tip down but what if you’re wade fishing or in a kayak is it fished the same way just rod tip up? Thanks

Pat Ogletree
3 years ago

That’s pretty much exactly what I would pick too. This post had me thinking what else might work on both Fresh and inshore.
Gold Spoon
Traditional Spinnerbaits
Silicon skirted jigs
Zoom Trick Worms

I bet there’s something that bass guys and gals use that we wouldn’t think of that would be killer on reds and vice versa. Might have to do some more experimenting.

Philip Gammans
3 years ago

Yeah boi! just got me some bama baits. I thought they were sold out as I didn’t find them in the shop. Can’t wait to try them out.

3 years ago

Great video Tony I am trying to narrow my tackle box down some but these will always be in it.


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