Best Redfish, Snook, Pompano, & Trout Lures For SUMMER


Want to know what the best fishing lures for summer are?

Today, we’ve got the Salt Strong Fishing Coaches back together for a roundtable discussion of the best summer fishing lures.

In summer, the fish are aggressive and the baitfish are getting bigger, so your lures (and how you fish them) need to reflect that.

Gone are the cooler days where we’re fishing tiny baits slowly on the bottom — it’s time to get big and loud!

In this podcast, we cover:

  • The best lure colors for summer
  • How to catch fish on topwater lures (Luke even reveals the results of his unreleased topwater experiment)
  • The best lures for clear vs. dark water
  • Hard plastics vs. soft plastics
  • And much more

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Best Inshore Lures For Summer [VIDEO]

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Best Inshore Lures For Summer [PODCAST]

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fish caught on slam shady

All this talk about big lures and big fish makes me want to go fishing now!

I hope you learned a lot from this conversation and go take what you learned and catch some fish.

But of course, with all this talk about lures, we’ve got to keep in mind what matters most: fishing in the feeding zones.

It doesn’t matter what kind of lure you have — if you’re not in the feeding zone, you won’t catch anything.

And if you struggle with finding feeding fish, join us in the Insider Club, where we’ll give you all of our best spots and tips for finding feeding zones.

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Vincent Saurino
3 years ago

Thanks Salt Strong Fishing Coaches, 1 hour, Sooo chock full of great fishing information that I’ll have to watch it a second time… “Chartreuse Baby”!! Great Job !

Ed Mascellino
3 years ago

All the tutorials on using top water lures say or show the person holding the rod tip down, what if you’re wade fishing or fishing from a kayak? Is it the same method just rod tip up? Thanks

Jack Miciak
3 years ago

Can hardly hear this video. If it is about tackle, I found you spent an excessive amount of time talking about stuff other than lures. In fact, you started talking about lures at the 7 min mark.

Bill Zimmer
3 years ago

Another great show, thanks to all for the valuable information.

Brandon Waldroup
3 years ago

Great information as always! Especially needed the tip about 3/0 hook being too small for 5 inch slam shady! Looking to order some 4/0 hooks now! Keep up the fantastic work!!

Stan Mitchell
3 years ago

Very good info thanks guys.

3 years ago

That was what size jigheads on soft plastic baits.

3 years ago

What size inline hooks did you replace the treble hooks on the top water lures.
What size highways did you use on slam shady plastic bait

3 years ago

Joe Hi This Is Lou Can You Put Me On The Blue Claw Crabs In Florida Thank You

Michael Connelly
3 years ago

Gents, i really enjoyed this evenings clam bake. I am with Wyatt on that Gulp with Joetruese on the tail.. that bait is as good as live shrimp here in the Jax-St Augustine area…
Also I really like the “trout magic” or the hooks with the shiny jewelry under the hook for reds and trout with almost anything on the hook from the slam shady to white gulp jerk baits and now the Leprechaun.
BTW I bought 12 packs of those 5 inch ZMan slam shady as I thought they were going the way of the 3 Inch… for a reason ???? they are money down on the bottom with a 1/2 oz trout eye..
Thanks Guys


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