How To Save Time & Money On Surf Fishing Rigs (Top 3 Rigging Hacks)


The other day I was prepping for my upcoming surf fishing trip and I ran into a bit of a problem…

I was going to be targeting pompano, but none of the stores had floats.

My trip was the next day, so instead of ordering them online and waiting a few days for them to come in, I decided to take matters into my own hands and make my own floats.

The floats I made looked just like the store-bought ones but were a fraction of the cost.

In the video below, I’m going to show you how to make your own floats, plus I’ll show you two other surf fishing rig hacks that will save you time and money.


Top 3 Surf Fishing Rig Hacks [VIDEO]

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Hack #1: Using A Dropper Loop To Quickly Switch Gear

When you use a dropper loop instead of knots and swivels, it allows you to switch things like floats, beads, or hooks much quicker.

Just thread the loop through the bead and float, thread it through the eye of the hook, then bring it back over the hook to secure it onto the loop.

Then, when you want to change parts of the rig, just loosen the knot at the hook and put on different gear.

Hack #2: Use Trading Card Protectors To Store Your Rigs

If you’re like me, your tackle box is probably full of pre-tied rigs that are all tangled up together.

I was sick of it taking me so long to untangle them and actually start fishing, so I came up with this solution.

Remember when people collected trading cards, such as sports cards?

Well, those plastic trading card protectors can also store your surf fishing rigs for you.

Just fold up your rig and tuck it neatly into the compartment.

You can also fold up the page, keep it folded with a rubber band, and store it in your tackle box.

This will take up very little room compared to how many rigs you can store in there.

Each page can hold up to 9 rigs, and I got a pack of 10 pages from Walmart the other day that just cost about $3.

Hack #3: Make DIY Floats

To make your own floats, just grab a cheap pair of flip flops from Walmart or the Dollar Store and get a piece of copper tubing, or any other circular metal instrument about 1/4″ in diameter.

Place the copper tubing on top of the flip flop and use a hammer to punch out a chunk of it.

Then, use an ice pick, drill bit, or small screwdriver to put a hole through the center to thread your leader through.

One pair of $0.89 flip flops can make about 40-60 floats, compared to a pack of 10 floats that you get from the tackle store for $4-5.


surf fishing pompano

These simple hacks can help save you time and money if you just get a little creative with your surf fishing rigs.

Have any questions about these hacks?

Do you have any other hacks you like to use?

Let us know in the comments below!

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Dan Reffett
2 years ago

Great tips, thanks!

2 years ago

Hey how ya doin? Have you tried a a water filled float on the top then the hooks down the rig with a break out sinker on the end, I’m interested if the float on top works against the sinker and holds the rig straight, as in like you’ve dropped it over the side of a boat, the water in the float sinks the float but keeps it upright, have you tried this rig? I also live in Australia, I can’t join your club, tight lines.

Last edited 2 years ago by Matt
2 years ago

Thank you good to know

Eugene Martinez
3 years ago

Has anyone tried using those squeezable foam ear plugs for the float? I have some bright orange ones that I cut to size. They don’t seem to absorb water when I kept them in a cup of water. Going to try it out in a couple of weeks at Mustang Island.

1 year ago

good idea/ I threaded one right thru the barb of a circle hook and it slides over the eye and up onto the drop loop. You get two floats from one ear plug. Only tried it in the bathroom sink, but it does float with a hook.

Last edited 1 year ago by james
Chris B
3 years ago

Love the flip flop idea! Time to get a few pairs of different colors in the $$ store & get building for my next trip to the OBX! Great guys … keep up the awesome work!

2 years ago
Reply to  Chris B

Yes sir me too

andy huset
3 years ago

Thanks for the help; I purchased a Pittsburg 9pc hollow punch set from Harbor Freight that gives me a range 1/2 inch to3/32 inch (too small) so I can go a little smaller. Had kids use 7/16 inch last night to catch sand perch, whiting, and snapper to keep it off the bottom. I tried a 3/16 inch with a #1 circle hook and watched it slowly sink in my pool but with tides at beach should be good. Also buy the largest size flip flops at Walmart for $.97 and you will get more floats than you could possibly use – but your friends will want some!

Jim Silverman
3 years ago

When do you use the floats next to the hooks on your surf rig? And why?

3 years ago

I store pomp rigs on a 2” piece of a thin pool noodle. Cut a diagonal notch in one side to secure the swivel, wrap the line around it, sticking the hook points in, then cut another diagonal notch for the snap swivel. Put it in a sandwich bag. No tangles.

Josh Norris
3 years ago

I havent done a ton of surf fishing but when Ive gone in the past, I havent used a float near my hooks. Is there an important purpose for having one?

John Frymier
3 years ago

Great ideas! Thanks!


Do what the “SMART ANGLERS” are doing and join the Insider Club.

Here’s what you’ll receive today when you join:

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