Snook Fishing Tips

Debunking The #1 Topwater Myth

Today, we're debunking the #1 topwater MYTH. I had a great day of fishing in the lagoon and picked up on something that many anglers...
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How To Catch BIG FISH On The Beach (INSANE Snook & Tarpon Fishing)

Do you know how EASY it is to catch BIG fish on the beach??? I can't remember a day like this in a long time. Snook and tarpon were...
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Pulling Overslot Snook Out From Underneath Docks [Fishing Report]

On a trip not too long ago, Joe and I pulled out some GIANT overslot snook underneath docks and around pilings! The Power Prawn U.S.A...
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Matt-In-A-Yak Goes Wade Fishing In Tampa Bay [Fishing Report]

I'm shaking things up to go wade fishing in Tampa Bay!!! I honestly couldn't be more excited about doing some wade fishing and taking a...
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The 3 Best Saltwater Fishing Spots Of All Time (And How To Quickly Find Them)

THE BEST SALTWATER FISHING SPOTS OF ALL TIME!!! We aren't talking about specific GPS locations or well-known fishing spots. We're talking...
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Where To Target Big Snook in The Summer [Spot Dissection]

In this Finding Fish Lesson (aka Spot Dissection), we are going to focus on where to target big snook in the summer. The area shown...
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I Can’t Believe How This Giant Fish Ate This Lure!!!

How did this GIANT fish eat this lure???This is hands down one of the CRAZIEST eats we have ever seen!!! We don't want to spoil anything...
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How To Fish Mangrove Shorelines (To Catch Redfish, Trout, & Snook)

Want to learn how to start fishing mangroves like a pro? Check out this video and see where the best spots in the mangroves are, and...
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Why The Pros Target ONE Species At Each Fishing Spot

Why do the pros target one species at each fishing spot? What makes one spot 'better' for one species as opposed to another? The TRUTH is...
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How To Catch Big Redfish, Trout, & Snook In Clear, Shallow Water

Do you fish in clear, shallow water? There are big fish here, but they're usually really spooky. Learn how to catch BIG fish in this...
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Live Shrimp vs. Soft Plastic Lures (On The Water Showdown)

Which do you think would catch more quality fish? Check out this LIVE fishing trip and see the shocking results of this case study.
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Creek Fishing After A Cold Front For Big Snook & Redfish [Fishing Report]

Have you ever decided to go creek fishing after a cold front? Fish want to maintain comfortable temperatures and one way they do that is...
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3 Smart Tips For Targeting Inshore Saltwater TROPHY Fish

What are the best strategies for targeting trophy fish? How can you pluck big fish out of a school while missing all of the small fish?...
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Sight Fishing Snook In New Areas [On-The-Water Report]

Can you sight fish for snook during the winter in new fishing spots? Check this out to go sight fishing for snook on your next trip...
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Why You Should Bail On The Pre-Plan If Conditions Aren’t Ideal

What should you do if you pre-planned a fishing trip but weather or other outside factors interfere with your objectives? How can you make an...
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