Snook Fishing Tips

How To Sight Fish For Snook, Trout, & Redfish Like A Pro

Are you new to sight fishing or just want to improve your sight fishing game? Sight fishing is so rewarding but you need to know these...
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Finding The Best Beach Fishing Spots w/ Wader Dave

Its beach fishing time! Fishing from the beach in the summer can be a fun, relaxing, and productive way of getting on some fish. All...
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Snook Tagging: Proof That Snook Are On The Move North!

Want to know where snook go in the winter? And how far north they now live? Get the inside scoop from an Estuarine Ecologist and learn...
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One Year, One Paddletail Lure, HUNDREDS Of Snook & Redfish!!

What do you think would happen if you only used a paddletail for an entire year? See how this angler went from getting skunked to catching...
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Fish Scent Battle (Pro-Cure vs New Custom Inshore Scent)

Do you use Pro-Cure? In this video, we're pitting Pro-Cure against an up-and-coming contender and the results were not what we expected!
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BULL REDFISH: How To Properly Release (Plus What NEVER To Do)

Are you making these deadly mistakes when releasing big fish? Learn how to safely handle them so they can swim off healthy and reproduce.
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Monster Snook Barely Landed Using SECRET NEW LURE

This snook should have been "the one that got away." But after some good luck for me and some acrobatic leaps by the snook, I finally...
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How To Fish Nearshore Reefs For BIG Snook & Tarpon

Want to catch big snook & tarpon? Check out these nearshore reef tips and see what the best baits to use are, how to get fish to bite, and...
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How To Catch A Fall Inshore Slam (In A Brand New Spot)

Want to catch more inshore slams this fall? Check out this trip to see what the best lures to use now are, where fish are feeding now, and...
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Live Shrimp vs. Soft Plastic Lures (On The Water Showdown)

Which do you think would catch more quality fish? Check out this LIVE fishing trip and see the shocking results of this case study.
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How To Fish Beach Points For Trout, Snook, Jacks, & Sharks

Want to catch a lot fish in a short amount of time? This style of beach fishing is one of the best ways to do that and in this video, you'll learn how to...
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7 Tips To Catch Snook In Mangroves (With Artificial Lures)

Want to catch more snook in the mangroves? See how to get broken off less, what lures to use, how to find the best spots, and more in this video.
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How To Catch Fish In Heavy Current (Best Spots, Rigs & More)

Do you fish inlets and passes? These places can hold big fish, but if the current is ripping, it can be hard to find them. Check out these 2 tips to...
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How To Rig LIVE Mullet (For Big Redfish, Snook, & Trout Near Structure)

Want to know the best way to rig live mullet? If you're fishing structure, you want the mullet to stay near the structure and attract predators, so...
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6 Tips To Fish Tree-Lined Shorelines For More Strikes

Want to learn how to catch more fish around tree-lined shorelines? Check out these 6 tips to learn how to catch more fish and get snagged less.
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