Debunking The #1 Topwater Myth


Today, we’re debunking the #1 topwater MYTH.

I had a great day of fishing in the lagoon and picked up on something that many anglers often overlook.

I’m talking about the most underrated time to throw a topwater lure.

Check it out!!

Debunking The #1 Topwater Myth [VIDEO]

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At the time of filming, the water temperature was close to 80 degrees, and outside temperatures are even warmer reaching sometimes in excess of 100 degrees.

We’re talking about July and August in mid-Atlantic Florida.

That is both good and bad.

It’s good because the fish’s metabolism is more active so they’re going to feed more often and on a wider variety of bait.

As opposed to in the winter months when fish are a bit more lethargic and their metabolism slows.

During that time, the fish need the sun to come up so the water warms and they actively feed again.

Lots of anglers out there have a knee-jerk reaction to reach for a topwater lure at first light.

These low-light conditions are favorable for most anglers until about 8 or 9 o’clock that morning.

Now, everyone puts their topwater lures away for the day because the sun is too high in the sky to use them effectively.

While a paddletail, shrimp lure, or jerk shad will work as an alternative, don’t ever discredit cloud cover.

Or even a change in barometric pressure like a small storm system rolling in.

You can actively catch fish on topwater lures in the middle of the day.

The true impact is the light coming through the clouds and since the sun is at its low points during dawn and dusk, these tend to be the most favorable times to use topwater lures.

But if you’re out fishing in the middle of the day with similar lighting, why not throw topwater lures then as well?

The warmer water and low light from cloud cover or another change in pressure can spark a nice topwater bite.


easiest topwater lure for beginners to use

You should throw topwater when the conditions are right.

Don’t hold yourself to only using topwater lures in the early morning or late evening.

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What kinds of questions do you have about this tip?

Please share your thoughts and comments below!

I’d love to get a conversation going in the comments section!!

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Todd FIx
1 year ago

Great tip! Nice catch!😁😁👍

brian good
1 year ago

NOTICED..caught on single inline hooks…
QUESTION: in regard to missed hook ups using single inline hooks, do you think that could be due to shape of their mouth like a snook, tarpon vs redfish or catfish?
Nice snook by the way…
With your knowledge, Salt Strong is lucky to have you.
B. Good

William (Bill) Krenek
1 year ago

I love to catch fish on top water

Ronald Beckwith
1 year ago

I’m thinking about a kayak and I wish you guys would doing something about the ones you like, best for the price, must haves as far as gear, what NOT to buy. 4 of you use them all the time.
Just a thought from a lifer..

John Thomson
1 year ago

Ronald, I see Justin reference Tony’s video on gear he takes out and that is a good video. As far as fishing kayaks go to purchase, there are all kinds of kayaks in the market today. It depends on what you want and how much you want you want to spend. My recommendation is to avoid the big box stores and invest in a bit more money to obtain a quality kayak that you will find at a reputable outfitter. I also recommend going with an outfitter that will have a selection to let you try out. For example, I used Travel Country Outfitters in Orlando that carries a number of the major high-end brands, including Native Watercraft, Wilderness Systems, and Hobie that I was able to try out on a local lake. Next, propulsion. Options are paddle only, pedal kayaks and powered kayaks. Pedal kayaks include propeller and paddle. Propeller options are generally pedaled like you would do a bike. Paddle types, like Hobie, have flippers below the hull and you pump the pedals back and forth. I prefer the propeller type because it is easier to go forward and reverse without flipping a lever. However, many folks, including many of the coaches prefer the flipper type as what comes with the Hobie fishing kayaks. Just so you know, my final choice was a Wilderness Systems Recon HD, which was extremely stable for standing and a comfortable seat. I prefer the seats that are higher up from the deck as it is more comfortable and easier for standing up for sight fishing. However, the Native Watercraft and Hobie Outback were both excellent fishing Kayaks. Also, Old Town has some nice kayaks as well, with a line of powered kayaks using trolling motors. So, hope this helps and let us Salt Strongers know what questions you have for kayak fishing.

1 year ago

I often use top water plugs during the day when pitching under docks / trees that offer a large shady spot. Very successful for Snook and Jacks. Nothing better than a big strike on a topwater!

George Layton
1 year ago

You are spot on Justin, my 2 biggest Trout have come mid-day on topwater 29 1/2 & 29 3/4 !! Still trying to join the 30 club !

Daniel Mitchee
1 year ago

The best topwater day I’ve had was during a sunny hot day. Some clouds moved in and I grabbed the moonwalker and bam, one right after the other.

Brian Reusch
1 year ago

I’ve honestly never really paid attention to the early morning or late afternoon sun positions with a top water lure. It was mostly how calm the water was and wind.

Bob Hartwein
1 year ago

Nice SNOOK! Yes I have been known to retire my Topwater around 10 HOWEVER I caught my largest RED at high noon on a topwater & it was in full sun! Dont ya just love to fish!!

David Nolen
1 year ago

On one of my most memorable trips, a heavy fog rolled in while I was on the water in late morning. I had three casts in a row with a Skitterwalk that resulted in three strikes from over slot reds. I landed one, one came unhooked, and the third broke me off. Any time the clouds roll in, the topwater comes out (except in Winter).


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