Matt-In-A-Yak Goes Wade Fishing In Tampa Bay [Fishing Report]


I’m shaking things up to go wade fishing in Tampa Bay!!!

I honestly couldn’t be more excited about doing some wade fishing and taking a day off from the Yak.

This is just a little bit different than what I normally do.

Don’t miss this catch footage below!!

Wade Fishing In Tampa Bay [VIDEO]

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Equipment Used On This Trip:

The morning started slower than I anticipated with little to no interest in the Moonwalker I was throwing.

With the help of Smart Fishing Spots, I was able to find some oyster bars which also happen to be where most of the bait was congregating.

I knew I was in the right spot, I just had to keep working to find the feeding fish.

There was just so much bait and mullet around me that I had to make my offering stand out amongst the rest.

The sun began to reach its peak which signaled the time to switch over to subsurface lure presentations.

I also saw some tailing redfish which indicates they’re feeding on the bottom.

In these situations, I feel most confident with the F.R.E.D. paddletail rigged on a 1/8 oz. Hoss Helix Hook 3/0.

Lo and behold, I reeled in my first ever snook on artificial lures!


We don’t get many snook up over where I call home.

So this was particularly special for me to catch a snook on an artificial lure and while I was wade fishing!

If you have the time, head out for a quick last-minute fishing trip.

You never know what you may find!!

Do you have any additional questions about wade fishing in Tampa Bay?

Let me know if you want to see more reports like this in the future!!

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Arto Van grondelle
4 months ago

Fantastic stuff. love it n learnin!

Stephen Becker
8 months ago

Matt, I work about 5 miles north of this spot on US 41. I went to scout this place, and at the end of the road there are signs saying posted property, and no fishing. Was I at the right place ? I took Piney Point rd. to the end. If so, does the port let people fish here anyway ? Thanks

Troy Pope
9 months ago

Going third person and then casting a perfect shot to the snook. It’s all good brother.

Bill Brown
9 months ago

Congrats on this snook and the others in boat! They are lots of fun and get huge !!

Luke Simonds
9 months ago

Great report Matt!

Bobby Grace
9 months ago

Congratulations on that snook bro. That’s a great feeling

George Pappas
9 months ago

Is that the Bull Bay Assualt, paired with the Ballistic MQ? If so, the same setup I have. Great combo!!

Jan Radjeski
9 months ago

Thanks for another great video, Matt. Really like the way the different artificales are superimposed in the video.

AJ Cheung
9 months ago

Hi Matt,

What a beautiful morning!
Thanks for sharing. Such a bonus to actually catch during a quick session before your meeting. Love how the Fred caught your first artificial snook. Always appreciate your videos and all that goes into making them. StaySafe

9 months ago

Have wet waded several times with a guide in the salt grass near Charleston, SC several times. We sight fish for redfish tails on the fly. Great time but need to be in shape.


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