This Is How To Rig Power Prawns On Owner TwistLock Hooks


Want to learn how to rig Power Prawns on Owner TwistLock hooks?

There’s a custom weedless hook for the Power Prawn, however, they’ve been out of stock a lot recently so we’ve had to improvise!

In this video, you’ll learn step-by-step how to rig Power Prawns on Owner Twistlock Hooks.

Check it out below!

Rigging Power Prawns On Twistlock Hooks  [VIDEO]

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This setup creates a super streamlined lure that’s weedless and still allows for a high hookup ratio.

It just requires a couple of extra steps but it actually holds tighter to the lure than the custom rig.

Here’s the step-by-step process:

Step 1

Cut off the two antennas from the Power Prawn, cutting as close as you can but not cutting the eyes.

I use the Salt Strong Braid Cutting Scissors because they are super tough, affordable, and multi-functional.

Step 2

Since this lure is made out of a super-strong material, you’ll want to make a pilot hole for the twistlock.

Use the tip of the hook to make the hole at the top center and go down a 1/2 inch to an inch.

Step 3

Insert the twistlock into the pilot hole, pinch down on the body to grasp it, and twist in.

These Owner Twistlocks hold unbelievably well!

Step 4

Make sure that the hook goes through the lure where it naturally falls on the body of the lure.

Insert the hook through the cavity of the Power Prawn and make sure it’s centered.

Now you have a perfectly rigged lure that’s going to crush it in the shallows!

When you follow these steps, the action in the water is almost identical to the custom rig made for the Power Prawn

Here are the sizes of hooks to use for the original versus the junior:

Original Power Prawn4/0 Owner Twistlock Hook with 3/16 oz weight

Junior Power Prawn3/0 Owner Twistlock Hook with 1/8 oz weight


power prawn owner twistlock hook

You may not always be able to find the tackle you need so sometimes you’ll have to improvise.

This is a fantastic plan B to rig the Power Prawn weedless so that it has the same great movement through the water as the custom setup.

And the Owner Twistlock Hooks are very durable and hold tighter than anything we’ve used.

Have any questions about how to rig this correctly?

Let me know down in the comments!

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Richard Fiorentino
10 days ago

Have you tried the Zman weighted hooks with the power prawn??

Richard Fiorentino
8 days ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

No, I mean the Chinlokz or Mustad grip lock

brandon lyons
1 month ago

Curious how this method compares to an older video from Tony where he simply removed the twist pin and rigged the power prawn through the nose & out the chin and finished it weedless? He didn’t have to go through cutting off antennae, pilot hole, and avoiding the rattle cavity while twisting. I am finding it very difficult to get the pin to stay in the Jr. because it is rather hard to avoid the rattle cavity, so it doesn’t grip very well.

Ken Willcoxon
1 month ago

Thanks for the tips Luke.

Allan Vrboncic
1 month ago

When throwing it around oyster mounds, would you go with a jig head or a Weedless Jig head/ Owner Twistlock method?

Sam Craparo
1 month ago

You can purchase the spring locks separately from the hooks and put them on other hooks

Richard Fiorentino
1 month ago

Do you use the little noise making beads on these?

Philip Stoddard
1 month ago

Have you tried fishing the Z-man Texas Eye jigheads on PowerPrawns? The rubber has sufficient elasticity (and the shrimp gets another set of eyes). PowerPrawn Jr. is maybe a little short for the 3/0 jighead?

Ted Springer
1 month ago

Is it important to stay above the rattle cavity when inserting the twist lock, or does it matter to how well it holds to the lure?

Tripp Watters
1 month ago

Are you spraying those things with the Dr Juice?

Gregory Batchelor
1 month ago

Good stuff Like!


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