How & When To Use A Stick Anchor For Your Bay Boat


A stick anchor is a very handy tool to keep on your boat!

It’s a shallow water anchor that’s really quiet (so you don’t spook off fish).

In this new video from Capt. Peter Deeks, you’ll learn how to use a stick anchor and the best times to use it.

Check it out!

How To Use A Stick Anchor [VIDEO]

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Stick anchors are basically like a manual power pole.

They come in 4ft, 6ft, 8ft, and even larger.

You should use these in anything from hard sand all the way to a soft mucky bottom.

Simply stick the anchor down to about 1ft to 1.5ft into the bottom structure.

And you don’t have to put it down too far as long as you tie it up higher on the stick.

Then tie it off to your boat and you’re all set.

Also, this can be your sole anchor if you want to be really quiet!

But you can use it in conjunction with your power pole or other anchors if you need additional anchor support.

If the wind is cranking and there’s a lot of wave action, this is a great addition to your anchoring system to keep you in place.

Have any questions about how to use a stick anchor?

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Kyle Berwick
1 year ago

Great tip. Thank u!


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