Easiest Way To Target Fall Flounder in Marsh Systems

Are there still flounder around in the fall to catch?

Where and how can you find flounder in fall?

The flounder are migrating up the east coast which makes it an excellent time to target them in marsh systems along the coast.

Check out more below!!

Easiest Way To Target Fall Flounder in Marsh Systems [VIDEO]

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Equipment Used:

During this time of year, flounder are moving out of creeks and marshes to offshore areas.

This makes it easier for anglers to find and target flounder on their way out to sea.

Where To Target Flounder

Flounder in marsh systems will typically be near entrances and exits to creeks as well as around drains coming off of flats.

Try to look for creeks near bigger bodies of water like sounds, inlets, or intracoastal waterways.

Flounder in these parts are ambush predators.

Be sure to cover lots of water and swim your lures or live bait near the bottom.

Noteworthy areas to look for are spots with oysters, ledges and other structure.

Fish will stack up along the creek mouths and entrances to intracoastal waterways for a meal because they are on their way out of the marsh systems.

When To Target Flounder

If you have the chance, try to target these flounder on a lower tide.

The ideal water level is 4 feet or less.

You will shrink down the target zone and be able to locate concentrated groups of flounder in the shallows.

Flounder will typically stay close to where they have a steady feeding source.

As the water moves with the tides, many time the flounder slide off the banks and into the creek entrances.

A lower tide also makes it easier for flounder to feed since they are already at the bottom.

There is less distance in the water column for them to have to look for their next meal.

During twilight periods, the flounder are up in the shallows to feed in low levels of water.

As the day progresses, the flounder will move out of the shallows and into deeper areas in cuts and around points.

Covering Ground

Make sure you are covering ground when targeting flounder.

These fish are ambush predators and they won’t chase after your bait.

Thoroughly scan the high-level target zones around creek mouths and ledges along banks.

You should be sure to make several casts in these areas to cover all portions of the water.


Fall fishing for flounder is pattern-based and you can locate these fish based on tides and ideal strike zones.

Flounder will start in the shallows and work into deeper water columns near creek mouths and ledges near intracoastal waterways and larger bodies of water.

Remember to cover lots of ground and make more than one cast in one area because odds are there is a flounder there waiting to ambush your bait or lure!

If you have any more questions on fall flounder fishing, please let me know down in the comments!

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1 year ago

I have been watching the fishing tips about fishing in the marshes. I don’t see any mention of biting flies? I know up here in NJ we get attacked by biting flies its so bad at times they will chase you in. Any info to prevent this would be great

Steven Free
1 year ago

Yea the only problem being at least here in Florida the seasons closed until dec 1st closure in Florida starts Oct 15th all the way thru November until dec 1st and while a closed season sounds justifiable letting the commercial giggers get there fill to me is totally wrong how is our stocks going to come back when the main culprit the commercial giggers who do there dirty deed in the cover of darkness unchecked and still be legally able to gig all year long while us recreational anglers who mainly catch flounder as a by catch species because most anglers don’t just pursue only flounder and they are mostly caught while fishing for redfish or black drum anyways to me the Florida fish and game are doing this one all wrong while the redfish and sea trout are regulated fairly flounder starting this year are probably going to suffer because nothing positive will result If the main problem to blame is still allowed to take flounder a law that leaves me scratching my head to no end sorry for venting but I hate injustice and things done wrong when the obvious solutions to the problem are totally and blatantly ignored enough said🤔👎

Ray Jachim
1 year ago
Reply to  Steven Free

In Texas the flounder season is closed to anglers and giggers from November 1 thru December 14 th.

Buzz Butters
1 year ago

Great detailed information

Lou Troester
1 year ago

It’s late and the temp in Pennsylvania is dropping. Geese still heading south. Deer getting smarter by the day.
Have watched your stuff as a guest for a few months. 
Here in Pa I don’t get much saltwater exposure, but I have a question:  I never see you all kill a fish you are going to keep by bleeding it out. I am looking at a couple of hours to get back from the North Jersey to NE Pa. So I do ice of course – but after bleed out, particularly Blues, but even bass. Seems to me to go better on the table. But What are your thoughts….?   

Paul McCarthy
1 year ago

Can you give me a recommendation for a good fishing guide in Islemorada in the keys Jan 5 th? Heading there with my wife and 2 college age sons. We’re staying on a houseboat there for 4-5 days

Steve Kelliher
1 year ago

From FWC.  Excerpt from regs effective March 1, 2021 regarding Flounder in Federal waters:

” Establishing an Oct. 15 through Nov. 30 recreational closed season. “

Larry Berreman
1 year ago

Hey Richard, great tips. But, my question is off topic……where did you get those rod racks on the wall behind you? I need those. Thanks.

Larry Berreman
1 year ago
Reply to  Larry Berreman

Sorry, just saw your answer below. Thanks again

Ronald H Mattson
1 year ago

Thanks Richard for the tips. If one gets the chance to watch John Skinners underwater videos on flounder/fluke chasing fisherpeoples bait the number 1 thing is obvious and that’s never stop moving your bait. He shows fluke will chase your bait long distances before attacking and will leave when one stops the bait/lure.

Allen A Nickel
1 year ago

What would be your thoughts for Flounder on the West coast/ Cape Coral, specifically, Matlacha.

Chuck Phillippi
1 year ago

Great video Richard. Very informative for Flounder. Hey quick question I do like how the rod rack in your background, where did you get them? I’m looking for something similar as I have a “few” rods.


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