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What are the best tactics for targeting redfish this fall?

How can you strengthen your leader line to prevent break-offs?

What gear do you need to go successfully kayak fishing?

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  • How to chum for offshore cobia
  • The 90-10 rule for redfish
  • How to catch snook on slack tide
  • What you should always have in your tackle box
  • How to make your fishing rod last four times longer

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Blood Knot VS. Double Uni Knot Strength Contest (Mono-To-Mono)

Which knot is stronger: the Blood Knot or the Double Uni Knot? The results are in! The test revealed the stronger knot is...
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Top 5 Essential Tools & Gear For Successful Kayak Fishing

What are the must-have essential pieces of gear for a kayak angler? If you are fishing off of a kayak, the top 5 tools you need are...
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Simple Trick To Help Strengthen Your Leader (The Business End)

How can you strengthen up your leader to prevent getting snapped off on big tarpon or snook? The answer is tying a...
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The Hunt For Juvenile Tarpon (Everything You Need To Know)

Where can you find juvenile tarpon? And once you've found them, how do you catch them? Tarpon are a tricky fish to trigger strikes from but...
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The 90-10 Fishing Rule That Will Catch A Ton Of Redfish

How do you find schooling redfish in the fall? What is the 90-10 rule? The answer to find more redfish is the 90-10 rule! The 90-10 rule is...
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How To Make Your Fishing Rod Last 4 Times Longer (And What Mistakes To Avoid)

How can you extend the life of your fishing rod? Are there certain things you can do to take better care of your gear? The truth is...
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This Is How To Use A Vent Tool To Revive Bull Redfish

How can you ensure redfish you just caught will swim off safely and has regained its breath? For catch and release anglers, the answer is...
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What To Bring In Your Tackle Box For Inshore Fishing

What tackle does an inshore angler need to have a successful day of fishing? The essentials for any inshore angler starts with...
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Easiest Way To Target Fall Flounder in Marsh Systems

Where and when should you target flounder this fall? The flounder are starting to move out of marsh systems and into larger bodes of water...
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How To Rig A Live Shrimp Weedless On A Jighead

How do you rig a live shrimp on a jighead so that it won't pick up any grass or weeds? The secret is you have to...
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The Weekend Game Plan Lesson [November 5th – 7th]

See the fishing game plan to use for finding quality redfish, snook, trout, and flounder this weekend based on the weather and tides.
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Fall Redfish Behavior Patterns (On-The-Water Tips & More)

What are the best tactics for catching more redfish this fall? If you want to learn more on-the-water tips, then check out the best ways to...
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How To Catch Snook At Super High, Slack Tide Like A Pro

How do you catch more fish on a high, slack tide? What should you look for? The best way to find the fish at this time are the three B's...
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Ideal Inshore Spots During Cold Weather Periods [Spot Dissection – Kiawah Island, SC]

In this Spot Dissection we will be walking through tips for picking spots during colder weather periods. Keep in mind that these same tactics can...
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Weekly Insider Giveaway Winner: Mark Klingler

It's time for the Weekly Insider Raffle Giveaway! This week our winner is Mark Klingler who won some awesome Salt Strong prizes...
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