The 90-10 Fishing Rule That Will Catch A Ton Of Redfish

What exactly is the 90-10 rule?

How can you use it to catch more redfish this fall?

The 90-10 rule states that 90% of the fish are in 10% of the water.

But how does this help you catch more fish?

Learn more here!!

90-10 Rule That Will Catch A Ton Of Redfish [VIDEO]

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Equipment Used:

The 90-10 rule lets you predict where the fish may be and it allows you to focus your efforts on specific areas.

Fish will be where the bait is and that is often up against the shoreline in the grass flats.

They will start to move off the shore with the tide and as the day progresses and the sun rises.

Redfish will not just sit in random places, rather they will hold in areas with specific structure.

Structure that provides protection and ambush opportunities.

The ambush zones are where we will find a lot of the 90% part of the 90-10 rule.

If you are fishing a mudflat, these zones are potholes scattered along the bottom.

On the other hand, grass flat ambush zones are the white, sandy areas without any sea grass beneath.

Targeting potholes are an extremely effective strategy for fishing.

Fish are able to sit in or around them and use the depth and color changes to ambush bait.

They also can be waiting for bait to emerge out of potholes to strike.

If you know where the fish are going to be, you can catch fish a lot faster.

Gameplan For Fishing A Flat

As the day moves out of morning and into midday, the sun will rise and heat up the water a bit which will push the redfish off the shoreline and into potholes.

At this point, the fish will prefer to be in slightly deeper water for hunting opportunities.

Redfish will be less willing to attack above them and strike a topwater lure so the best choice would be a paddletail lure to bounce along the potholes.

The 90-10 rule shows you how to focus your efforts on casting where the fish will be instead of blind casting areas hoping for a bite.

Fish cruising along a flat may be moving from one pothole to the next to feed.

However, if that is the case they are not in a feeding mode and are less likely to hunt while changing areas.

The redfish will wait in its pothole or protective structure until it must feed on a meal.


The 90-10 rule is all about finding those potholes and concentrating your casting to areas of potential interest and spots that may be holding fish.

Potholes and little structures throughout the flat or area you’re fishing represent the 10% where the fish will be holding.

Be sure to focus your casts and presentation on specific areas with potholes and structure that create ambush zones for predatory fish.

If you have any more questions on the 90-10 rule, please let me know down in the comments!

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Tammi Morrisette
2 years ago

Love the drone footage! It really helps give you an idea of where they like to hang out to ambush your lure. I’m a “Big Picture” kind of person and this is definitely that! Good work, son!

Neal Hagood
2 years ago

Thanks Wyatt!
It’s nice to connect the different aspects of the same fishing trip in this series of videos.
I also loved the drone views of our Texas middle coast. They really help understand the topography & structure on our flats and how the fish are relating to them.
Keep up the great work and content!
I really hope see you down there one of these days!

2 years ago

The 90/10 rule applies to fishing in general. I first heard of concept back in early 70’s applied to freshwater, primarily bass, by Buck Perry who came up with concept back in 60’s. Great drone footage.

2 years ago

It appears as if the current is flowing from right to left and you are casting diagonally against the current. Am I wrong ?

2 years ago
Reply to  Wyatt Parcel

Perfect sense I just could not see the wind that’s why I asked the question. Enjoy all your videos thoroughly you bring a lot to the table thank you for your quick response 👍👍👍👍👍

Richard Fiorentino
2 years ago

do you usually use the Texas Eye Jig head over the Trout Eye? Thanks

Richard Fiorentino
2 years ago

I notice you cast your leader knot through the guides

David Ulgenalp
2 years ago

I love the drone footage – very valuable!

Jerry Dexter
2 years ago

Thanks Wyatt, But we do not have any grass In Galveston, Texas

2 years ago
Reply to  Jerry Dexter

I fish grass flats at crystal beach all the time. Surely a ferry ride over isn’t too much trouble!

Mel Crissey
2 years ago

Wyatt, that was once again a very good video and great coaching on using the 90/10 rule for improving the number of catches on an outing. For people who don’t know Wyatt Parcel, he is a Saltstrong fishing coach based out of Corpus Christi, Texas. Wyatt moved from NC to Corpus Christi to fill that need by Saltstrong for an onsite expert on the Texas coastal bend. Wyatt has been an outstanding addition to the Saltstrong staff.

Bill Woodhouse
2 years ago
Reply to  Mel Crissey

Ya’ll’s gain; our loss!

Luke Simonds
2 years ago

Great footage Wyatt!!!


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