How To Catch Snook At Super High, Slack Tide Like A Pro

How should you approach fishing a high, slack tide?

Where are the fish going to hold when the water is calm and still?

Follow the three B’s (Bait, Birds, & Boils) and you will find the fish!

If you cover ground and stealthily approach spots of interest, you can find fish up in the mangroves and locate bait pods that will lead you to the fish!

You will learn the different opportunities for fishing a slack tide and how fish behave when there is not much water movement.

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Check it all out below!!!

How To Catch Snook At Super High, Slack Tide [VIDEO]

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How To Catch Snook At Super High, Slack Tide [PODCAST]

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We covered a lot in the podcast, so here is a timestamped version:

  • 0:37 – The three B’s
  • 2:19 – Business End Leader
  • 3:36 – Dr. Juice updates
  • 5:19 – Power of moving around
  • 5:29 – Find the birds
  • 6:36 – The “Nub”
  • 7:20 – How to approach fishing on a higher tide
  • 10:51 – Opportunities during slack tide
  • 11:46 – Twilight bite
  • 15:27 – Marking spots
  • 18:50 – Snook behavior at slack tide
  • 19:46 – Mudhole rod building class
  • 21:13 – Split-grip truth
  • 23:54 – Casting techniques
  • 24:04 – Leader differences
  • 25:00 – Line power VS. distance
  • 26:20 – What to do if you get stuck in structure when fighting a fish
  • 28:17 – Proper leader length
  • 33:16 – The “nub” underneath mangroves
  • 33:39 – Weedless hooks
  • 34:07 – What to do when you get to a new spot
  • 35:44 – Locating redfish schools
  • 38:06 – Understanding tides
  • 38:30 – Positioning for redfish
  • 39:50 – Check your leader!


the snook book review

Fishing on a high, slack tide has its own set of challenges and it can be difficult to locate bait and fish if the water isn’t moving out or in.

The key is to locate the bait and birds along the mangroves and flats to find schools of fish nearby willing to reaction strike your lures.

Be sure to use stealth tactics and keep your distance from fish because they will be easily spooked at this point in the tide cycle!

What is your go-to lure for catching snook?

Let us know down in the comments!!

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Jeff Goldstein
2 years ago

Hi, it would be helpful if in these videos the location was disclosed.

Ryan Jewell
2 years ago

Can you tell me the boat your using in this video

Stephen Zuknick
2 years ago

Enjoyed seeing that it’s not tight lines every second. Would like to see footage from the beginning (while the boat was still under power from the motor). I think it’d be beneficial to see what warrants powering down and putting out the trolling motor. Thanks!

Rick Nelson
2 years ago

Great footage of you guys working hard to get something anything going. That’s me every day. Luke, At what depth do you normally set your trolling motor? What’s the shallowist water you can run in with it? Did you post a general location for insiders to see where you were?

Stephen Bianchi
2 years ago

Question: What is the reasoning for running braided line to two different sized fluorocarbon lines and then the hook. Why not braid to fluorocarbon tied to end of business (hook).

Luke Simonds
2 years ago

The reason for that is because fish can feel line traveling through the water, so the purpose of the double leader is to have the top section thin and clear while beefing up the business end with the stronger/thicker line since that’s where the most abrasion occurs.

Steve Miller
2 years ago

My goodness. I felt bad for you guys with the no-see ums, but enjoyed the video. However, I joined Salt Strong to learn how to catch fish myself without paying a guide. Paying guides or promoting guides seems to do nothing but remove the reason for a Salt Strong and the community.


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