Shortcut To Finding Redfish, Snook, & Trout On A Grass Flat

What is the best approach to catch an inshore slam on a grass flat?

When the water is low and you are forced to fish an open flat, what should you look for?

In this episode, we are fishing an open flat for a morning inshore slam!

Listen in as we break down what to look for on an open flat and what lures work best to match the baitfish in the water.

We cover the basics of fishing a flat filled with bait as well as:

  • The key to quietly approaching an area with lots of birds and action
  • Importance of finding little ledges and changes in depth
  • How to position yourself on the flats

Check it out below!

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Shortcut To Finding Redfish, Snook, & Trout On A Grass Flat [VIDEO]

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Shortcut To Finding Redfish, Snook, & Trout On A Grass Flat [PODCAST]

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1 month ago

Timelines please.

1 month ago

Just a quick point! A prop catching air because it’s close to the surface is ventilation, not cavitation. I do enjoy watching AND listening to the two of you having a blast on the flats! Thanks!

Gary Brady
1 month ago

Luke what brand is the Saltstrong proto reel?
Is this for sale on the site?
Great tips and video

Patrick Bell
1 month ago

Great video! Love using the bomber in the flats. Heading out tomorrow in the flats again to work on the SLAM so I can wear the Slam Shirt I ordered. Got to earn it first, before wearing.

Matthew Stevens
1 month ago

As always great video

Kevin Heneghan
1 month ago

I agree on the timelines there great to consult

brian ragan
1 month ago

Can you bring back the timeline comments. I enjoy your videos but don’t have time to watch them all in their entirety. It is helpful to be able to go directly to the portions that interest me the most.


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