Daiwa Exist Spinning Reel Review (Pros, Cons & Unboxing)


Talk about the best of the best!

The Daiwa Exist is one of the marquee products in the fishing industry and it’s tough to find a better spinning reel out there.

We’ve been using this reel recently to see what the hype is all about and in this video, we’re going to unbox it and give you our take on it.

We’ll share the pros and cons of it, the specs, and tell you who it’s best for.

As one of the most expensive spinning reels on the market, you’ll definitely want to check out this video.

P.S. We’re not sponsored by Daiwa — we bought this (very expensive) reel with our own hard-earned money, so you can be sure this is a totally unbiased review.

Daiwa Exist Review [VIDEO]

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This is a premium spinning reel that’s smooth, lightweight, durable, and impenetrable by saltwater.

Plus, Daiwa has a lifetime warranty and if anything goes wrong they’ll fix it right away.

However, that being said, this leads us to the cons of this reel…

One con is that even though Daiwa does offer a lifetime warranty, it can sometimes be hard to get in touch with a live person from their offices to get the reel fixed.

But that con pales in comparison to the other con, the elephant in the room…

The Daiwa Exist price tag.

At around $800, there are very few spinning reels more expensive than this.

But if you’re looking for an over the top reel to toss artificials all day, and price is of no importance to you (in fact, you like spending money on high-end reels), then this might be the reel for you.

Have any questions about this reel?

Have you used it before?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Cory Toker
2 years ago

From everything I have heard, read, and tried Daiwa makes some awesome reels. Problem though is mentioned in this review. Service, can I get the reel serviced if something goes wrong. From what I have heard, it is very difficult. I buy all Shimano reels because not only do they make great reels, there service is absolutely outstanding. No other company is even close. It is very easy for me to justify and spend 200 to 400 or more for a Shimano reel knowing that I can get it serviced in professional, affordable, and timely matter.

Rob Robinson
2 years ago

I just discovered this reel. I love it. Must have the 6.1 though. My problem however is finding a good rod for it. I’d use this for a sabiki rig. I know… What !?.. yeah. I spend most of my time catching bait. Small perch is my general target. This would be awesome for that.. I’d like to find a 8′ med action rod to use it with. The problem is the reel is so light it’s difficult to find a balanced rod for it. I spent 30 minutes or so and sized it up with every loomis in the shop and they’re all too tip heavy, Like… a lot tip heavy. Any suggestions ?

Casey Rendall
3 years ago

I’ve had the 2500xh for bout a year now fresh and salt fishing in Texas and it is by far one of the best reels I’ve used. I have not fished the new model of Stella, but I’ve owned a model from the FD to current model. I feel this reel is better balanced and compact. There is also a 2500D spool to be purchased to add line capacity. I like this reel better than my Stella’s that I’ve owned from the FD mode to current. Aside from a complete finesse reel, it’s capable of doing whatever you need with the line capacity you have. Just as a heads up the 2500 holds bout 160/8lb sufix 832 lipped our and just bout 200yds of sunline sx1. The balance of the reel is incredible. It’s compact and no difference wether or not you have a fish one. Had a few upper slot reds and a few 28”drum sight casting and I don’t think they even took out 50yds. It does cast on so well also. I’d love to see how it handled the 30lb GT’s I caught on my 3000FD Stella

Victor Gatell Jr
3 years ago

Evidently the price tag is no issue because they are sold out in the shop, lol

Mark Dunnam
3 years ago

Funny! You want to see how the industry responds to a heavy price tag. It checks off many concerns and more inventory is around the corner.

Russ Dettman
3 years ago

So….how does it fish? 8x better than a Fuego?

Mark Dunnam
3 years ago
Reply to  Russ Dettman

It’s just a different product. I don’t like to compare drastically different models. The Fuego is certainly a fine reel, 8X less….. that would be foolish to say. I think the same thing holds true with all industries. If you want the best product Daiwa makes, the Exist is it. It’s the collaborative effort that makes this reel special.

Steven Rackas
3 years ago

Thank you for the information. I would like to see a review that breaks down rods and reels over 50 dollar price points. Which rods are best between 50-100, 101-150 etc. Combo packages are another thing that you want to do reviews on to see if it is worth it for what manufacturers package.

Mark Dunnam
3 years ago
Reply to  Steven Rackas

Great idea! I’ll certainly put some ideas together

Victor Gatell Jr
3 years ago
Reply to  Steven Rackas

Hey Steven,

Tony Acevedo has a video where he does a similar comparison of the less pricy rods vd the big money. His reasoning is that from Kayaks sometimes rods get damaged and it’s less painful to lose a $50 rod vs. a $300 one. I’m on my phone so I can’t find the link, but you should be able to search for it.


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