Tsunami Salt X Spinning Reel Unboxing (Specs, When To Use, & More)


Looking for a new spinning reel?

In this video, I’m going to be unboxing my new Tsunami Salt X.

This is a high-end spinning reel that’s great for bridge, pier, and surf fishing.

I’ll share:

  • My initial thoughts on the reel
  • When you should NOT use this reel
  • The specs of this reel
  • How much it costs
  • And much more

Check out the unboxing video below.

Tsunami Salt X Spinning Reel [VIDEO]

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Here are the specs for the Tsunami Salt X:


  • Bearings: 7+1
  • Drag: 50 lb
  • Ratio: 5.3:1
  • Weight: 14.5 oz
  • Line capacity:
    • 400 yards of 15 lb braid
    • 330 yards of 20 lb braid
    • 270 yards of 30 lb braid
  • Cost: around $400


  • Bearings: 7+1
  • Drag: 50 lb
  • Ratio: 4.9:1
  • Weight: 18 oz
  • Line capacity:
    • 450 yards of 30 lb braid
    • 350 yards of 40 lb braid
    • 300 yards of 50 lb braid
  • Cost: around $400

For a 4000 size reel, this is pretty large.

I would not recommend it for tossing artificial lures because it is a little bulkier and heavier than some other reels.

However, if you’re using live bait, or fishing around structure or in the surf where you need a lot of heavy line, this reel would be a good option.


how to catch black drum

These are just my initial thoughts about this reel and I’m excited to take it out on the water.

I’ll be testing it out over these next few months and after I get a good feel for it, I’ll share with you what I think about it and if I would recommend it.

Have you used this reel? What do you think about it?

Have any questions about it?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Kent W
1 year ago

How’s the reel so far? I’ve run into several people using the 4K reel for throwing large poppers and such from the beach or jetty. The reel sealing has held up with everyone I spoke with. The thing that caught my attention is the drag. Several people said they downsized to the 4K because the reel still had enough line when you consider the 50lb max drag. Basically, they could still stop the fish. So, they went from a 6500/6000 size reel down.

Joseph Bergen
1 year ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

I’m surprised at saltstrong.com for having such a pointless article. Thankfully this article wasn’t titled a “review”. Why not write this article after using the reel and it’s pro/cons? Also, can you post a more detailed review on the reel now since it’s been about 2 months ?


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