How To Catch Red Drum (Redfish) Off Docks & Grass Flats


It’s Red Drum (aka Redfish) time!

In this red drum tutorial, we brought on Jeff Anderson from 1Fish2Fish and Capt. Mitchell Blake of FishIBX to discuss how to find and catch red drum anywhere from Georgia to South Carolina to North Carolina to Virginia.

Capt. Mitchell is sharing two of his favorite spots to catch red drum:

  • Docks
  • Grass lines (on grass flats)

But when you pull up to a row of docks or a grass line, you could be looking at a hundred docks or half a mile of grass.

How do you know where the red drum are likely to be feeding?

In this video, Capt. Mitchell is going to show us how he quickly chooses the best docks and grass lines to fish.


How To Fish Docks & Grass Lines [VIDEO]

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So how do you choose which docks and grass lines to fish?

Fishing Docks For Red Drum

There could be hundreds of docks in a canal, bay, or shoreline, and you can’t possibly fish them all, so here are the three types of docks Capt. Mitchell chooses to fish:

  1. The longest docks. These give you a longer span to hold more fish, and when fish are cruising a shoreline, they’re more likely to run into the longest dock.
  2. The oldest docks. These will have been around longer which allows more things to grow under them, like oysters, barnacles and vegetation.
  3. The most well-lit docks. Well-lit docks will be attracting bait all night long so in the morning they’re likely to still hold bait and predator fish.

Fishing Grass Lines For Red Drum

There are two types of grassy shorelines:

  1. Shorelines that have a gradual slope into the water
  2. Shorelines that have a steep dropoff into the water

Capt. Mitchell focuses only on shorelines that have a steep dropoff because that steep dropoff acts like a wall that red drum can pin baitfish and crabs up against.


big red drum

When you’re looking for red drum around docks or grass lines, choose the longest, oldest, and most well-lit docks, and choose grass lines that have a steep dropoff into the water.

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Brendan Gartner
4 years ago

First off, thanks for creating this course. Being in North Carolina, I am glad to see something more specific to this area of the East Coast. I also follow 1Fish2Fish on Youtube and enjoy their videos and tutorials. Quick question: Is this course free to Insiders? Thanks!

4 years ago

Hi guys, I have a question. Last week at low tide I was in a popular spot in North Tampa fishing for reds. I saw for 45 minutes at extreme low tide, monster reds (50”’s) corralling & busting mullet on sand bars & at my feet on the shore! I threw everything I had at them & no bite. I led them, let them swim to it no to spook them & still no luck. I had some follow my top water & mirrodines, but would turn away. Not sure what I did wrong & not sure how to get the bite when they are already fired up & aggressively pounding mullet. Any thoughts? Thanks!!

Luke Simonds
4 years ago
Reply to  Kyle

Sounds like they were honed in on the mullet… did you have any lures with the same profile as the mullet that they were eating?

Cody Selph
4 years ago

Where’s the red drum mastery course for Florida? You’re home state.. is it pretty much all the same?


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