When To Use A Shrimp Lure Over A Paddletail Lure

Do you know when you should switch the paddletail lure for an artificial shrimp lure?

What are some of the advantages of a shrimp lure that the paddletail does not have?

In this episode, we are talking about choosing shrimp lures or paddletail lures.

Listen in as we break down some of the best times to choose a shrimp lure and what to look for before tying an artificial shrimp to your line.

We cover the basics of using an artificial shrimp lure and more specifically:

  • Targeting different species with a shrimp lure
  • What depths to swim a shrimp lure in
  • Different structures that indicate to use a shrimp lure

Check it out below!

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When To Use A Shrimp Lure Over A Paddletail Lure [VIDEO]

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When To Use A Shrimp Lure Over A Paddletail Lure [PODCAST]

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Matthew Stevens
9 months ago

Another great video packed full of information. The power prawn has quickly become my go to bait. Use it under a cork or with a jighead, In Murkey water I add a battle rattle.

Jim Crawley
9 months ago

On my last few trips offshore to artificial reefs, I’ve been throwing the 5″ Slam shady on a one oz. jig and catching quite a few species of fish; Spanish mackerel, barracuda, little tuney, large blue runners, and others. I’m waiting for the weather window to get further out and try it on amberjack.

Kevin R Smith
9 months ago

I miss the discussion breakdown you usually have with the time stamps for different parts of the discussion. I find that very helpful.

Capn SkyFish
9 months ago

Yeah: absolutey despise your pop-ups that block my view of the screen, espcially the “would love your comments, please comment”

David LaValley
9 months ago

Thanks or saying, “NO man bun!” You would lose respect out here with a bun.

Mitchell Landis
9 months ago

Any plans for a crab/Fidler crab lure in the works?

Jason Shoemake
9 months ago

Great podcast guys. Always informative. Every time I get something new!

Jeff T
9 months ago

Great information regarding shrimp lures.

I have been using a shrimp tail jig (Chubbe Shrimp by Hoagie Lures from Texas) since 2005. I mostly fished them on a 1.5 oz H style jighead in inlets and intracoastal bridges for snook. They work extremely well at night for snook. Especially slot snook. Dave Justice was doing this extensively back then and I learned a lot from him. The technics are very similar to what Marcos uses only at night.

For the snook dock lights I use a 3/8 oz jighead cast into the dark areas with a Cubbe shrimp. The Chubbie shrimp has no legs or antennas. It is best hopped 12-18” off the bottom moving it a foot or two at a time. All bites come as it is just about to hit the bottom again. The beauty is that it can be a reaction bite so the fish don’t have to even be feeding at the time. Especially in the inlets and bridges.

i like the slam shady on the flats as a search tool for fish of all kinds. Snook seem to also hit it on the drop when cast into the mangroves. Often the are on before you close the bail.

Gary Nelson Wadsworth
9 months ago

Enjoy ur video learning all the right techniques

9 months ago

Great job, guys. Thanks for making this podcast fun to watch.


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