The Trout Book: Best Trout Spots, Water Color, & Bait


Want the secrets to catching more speckled trout over the next 6 months?

In this episode, we break down (and review) one of the best trout books of all time, The Trout Book, by Frank Sargeant.

Listen in as break down some of the best secrets in this book for catching trout.

We cover the best water color/clarity for trout, the best habitat, and the best overall trout bait.

Check it out below!

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The Trout Book Review [VIDEO]

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The Trout Book Review [PODCAST]

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Jonathan Wise
2 years ago

What satellite image app do you guys use

frank marinucci
2 years ago

What’s Wyatt’s “hand trick” that he talks about at 17:17 min through the video? Something about how long in through the morning top water is good…..

john simkunas
2 years ago

good stuff!!

Ray Markham
2 years ago

With regard to water color… I don’t think Frank is referring to clarity of water. What it refers to is the difference in depth that appears to be a different color in various depths. Water that is “milky green” generally is about 4-to 6-feet deep Fish Sarasota Bay and you’ll see what I mean. In most of Tampa Bay you won’t see “color” of water unless you’re out near the outside of Fort Desoto. Sarasota Bay and Anna Maria can be JUST like the Keys. You can see the fish in the holes. But much of that turtle grass has gone since red tide.

Ray Markham
2 years ago

Frank Sargeant and I have been friends for decades when he was the Outdoor Editor for the Tampa Tribune. He was also my editor for the Trib when I wrote for him each week doing fishing reports. We fished together several times. Of all the outdoor writers I have fished with, Frank is the best. Not only was he a writer who could talk the talk, but he could walk the walk. He has fished with some of the best anglers in the US. I’ve read all of his books and highly recommend them to anyone who wants to learn more about fishing

Jerry Dexter
2 years ago

Thanks a Lot Guys

Jon Fortune
2 years ago

Just ordered the book. That was a great show. So much info. Thanks fellas. Lived in Boston and Denver for years so a cold front is less than 30 degrees. Let’s GO! Can’t wait for it to cool down in SW Fl.

Stan Mitchell
2 years ago

Joe,Luke and Wyatt awesome stuff ! I have been fishing all my life but I’m still learning new techniques from Salt Strong. Thanks guys 🎣💪

Rick Mayo
2 years ago

I’ve always wondered, when fishing grass, do you actually throw into the grass?

Steven Free
2 years ago

Yes I have read and also own this book including many other books pertaining to inshore saltwater fishing there are a few famous authors from my area of Jacksonville including fernidiina Florida bob McNally, Larry Larson, and Terry lacoss all from northeast fl the latter from fernidiina but like I always say a book or any info given is only as good as the one applying the knowledge and tactics in other words unlike what you guys keep saying NOTHING is guaranteed you keep saying it’s guaranteed and nothing is except death and maybe taxes you really should reword your phrases correctly because there are a lot of anglers out there that think if they just buy info like a subscription to saltstrong that it guaranteed them they will catch fish and that’s not true while yes it does help significantly and I’m not saying it doesn’t there are slot of times where sometimes the fish don’t bite period and nothing seems to work and you know it’s true because we all have experienced it even pro guides get into slumps sometimes think about it if everyone caught tons of fish all the time you would be out of business because the stocks would be gone doesn’t sound like a guarantee to me does it to you?!!🤔


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