This Is How To Catch Trout At The Jetty (Using The Power Prawn)


The Power Prawn is the most versatile shrimp lure we have ever seen!

It is useful to tackle many different scenarios and conditions to target big snook, redfish, and trout!

But how about fishing it off of a jetty?

Find out how to work this lure from a jetty for big trout in this new video.

Check it out!

Best Lure For Catching Trout At The Jetty [VIDEO]

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The weight of the jighead on your Power Prawn depends on the current and how fast it is moving.

You can go anywhere from a 1/4 ounce to a 1-1/2 ounce jighead.

The key is choosing the lightest weight possible to keep the lure down at the bottom.

How To Present & Retrieve The Power Prawn At The Jetty

After you cast, open the bail and let line out so the Power Prawn can reach the bottom.

The trout are ambush predators that will sit in between rocks and wait for bait to pass by.

The aim is to get the shrimp out above the rocks to induce a bite.

Give the rod two hard pops to jerk the lure up and out from the rocks and trout will most likely strike the lure on its way back down.

If after the lure falls you don’t get a bite, you can reel the slack in the line back up and then continue with the two pops of the rod to create a darting action on the Power Prawn.

Make sure you are working this lure with the current for best results.

Cast into the current and bounce it back to allow the Power Prawn to swim over the trout as they sit in the rocks waiting to attack.

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George Washington
3 months ago

Thanx. I watched and like how easily he caught trout on the bottom in the rocks with pop pop jigging.

Robert Lillard
6 months ago

Do you think the Alabama leprechaun would have worked as well as th power prawn. In general, it seems like the jerk baits are not getting as much attention since the introduction of the power prawn. I have difficulty knowing which one to use.

Luke Simonds
1 year ago

Great work Wyatt!

Jay Adcock
1 year ago

Can this be fished over grass flats with a lighter jig head?

Matthew Stevens
1 year ago
Reply to  Jay Adcock

Yes it can. Works great on a jig head or under a poppin cork.

Luke Simonds
1 year ago
Reply to  Jay Adcock

Absolutely! Here’s a fun video showing it in action up on some grass flats:


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