Pier and Jetty Fishing Tips

Below are gear, tips and reports from the experts to help you catch more fish from a jetty or pier!

Public Fishing Lands (TX – FL – VA)

Have you seen the new public (and private) fishing land map layer? This intel is game-changing for finding land-based fishing spots, kayak...
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Stealthy Tactics To Rig Live Shrimp For More Strikes!

This tutorial is all about how to rig live shrimp for more strikes! I find that too much gear or the wrong weight can ruin your shrimp...
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Land-Based Fishing Spots!!

One of the top requests on Smart Fishing Spots has been land-based fishing spots. You ask, you receive! Listen in to hear the exciting...
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It’s THIS Easy To Find Quality Fishing Spots From Shore

Struggling to find ‘GOOD’ fishing spots from shore? One of the biggest issues shore anglers run into is ACCESS to open water from land. I’ll...
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Gear Check: Shore Fishing Equipment You Need For Success

For instant success, here's the shore fishing equipment you NEED! Don't have a boat? Don't sweat it! You can catch the fish of a lifetime...
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Dock Fishing For Redfish [Ultimate Redfish Course Sneak Peek!]

Dock fishing for redfish can be absolutely EPIC! You've just got to know what to look for. Before we release the NEW...
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How To Plan A Successful Land-Based Fishing Trip [Mini-Course]

It’s Mini-Course time! In this course, we will cover a topic that we get a lot of requests for and that is land-based fishing. There...
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Jetty Fishing 101 [Mini-Course]

Where should you start fishing the jetties??? Jetties provide a natural structure for baitfish and predatory fish alike to cling and hold tight to seek...
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Casting Artificial Lures From Piers, Bridges, or Shorelines [Tutorial]

All too often I see mistakes when casting artificial lures from piers, bridges, docks, and even shorelines. I'm talking about fishing from...
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How To Keep Bait Alive On The Pier (Live Bait Management)

One of your most valuable assets on the pier is LIVE BAIT. But being up on the pier, it can be a challenge to keep your bait alive and...
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Where To Fish On A Pier (Zones Lesson)

How do you know where to fish on a pier? Being that piers are a spot EVERYONE has access to, they're a great place to get some tight lines...
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How To Fish Jetties For Sheepshead [Fishing Report]

Coach Richard Thomas, myself, and a fellow Insider Member hit the jetties for sheepshead in this one!! My favorite trips on the water...
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Is This The Best Saltwater Fishing Pier In America?

Is THIS the best saltwater fishing pier in America? For years, we've been getting requests to film and put together a Pier Fishing Course...
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How To Find Land-Based Fishing Spots

Are you having a tough time finding land-based fishing spots? If you don't have a vessel like a kayak or a boat to cruise around to our...
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Tactics for Inlets and Passes From Boat & Shore [Spot Dissection – Sebastian, FL]

In this week’s Finding Fish Lesson, we are discussing some tactics for fishing inlets and passes, whether it be from shore or on a boat....
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