How To Find Land-Based Fishing Spots


Are you having a tough time finding land-based fishing spots?

If you don’t have a vessel like a kayak or a boat to cruise around to our favorite fishing spots, it can be challenging.

But land-based spots are MUCH easier to find than you think!!

Learn more here!!

Land-Based Fishing Spots [VIDEO]

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1) Public Boat Ramps

Although we don’t have a boat, boat ramps provide quick and easy access to water.

Some boat ramps are different from others in terms of accessibility and fishable areas.

Before planning and heading out on a trip do a boat ramp you are unfamiliar with, it is best to scout the area beforehand to know for sure that there are fishable areas.

Smart Fishing Spots is a phenomenal tool you can use to find these ramps and determine accessibility.

Boat ramps also provide wading access to the water if you are a wade angler as well.

It is important to note whats on the bottom before venturing out and wading in new areas.

2) Kayak Launch Points provides you with all of the local kayak launches nearest you or in a particular area.

Kayakers have access to smaller ramps and areas you wouldn’t normally be able to access with a boat.

You can go ahead and fish off of these launch points if you are a land-based angler.

Piers and Jetties

Piers can be useful to fish but as we all know, they can get very crowded and fast.

If the word gets out about a fish running or a hotspot, the pier can become unfishable.

Jetties on the other hand pose an immense obstacle for some anglers.

Most of them are not kept up and do not have a clean walkway creating treacherous conditions.

Although both of these options are easily accessible to land-based anglers, piers and jetties have obstacles of their own.

Smart Fishing Spots App

Anglers all over are using the Smart Fishing Spots App to catch MORE fish in LESS time.

You can use this tool to plan an inshore, nearshore, or even offshore fishing trip.

Our Fishing Coaches have uploaded fishing spots that increase or decrease in catchability with the trends, seasons, and more.

With our mapping tools and layers, you basically have an underwater view of your local waters.

High-res imaging and nautical mapping help lead you right to the fish!

Wind, weather, and radar are just a few of the many features this app includes.

3) Find Roads Right On The Water

A lot of roads and highways along major bodies of water will have pull-offs or somewhere you can stop.

You can hop out and start fishing an area or you can cruise up and down looking for baitfish or bird activity.

This is, however, a situation where you have to evaluate if you are actually allowed to fish in that area or not.

You do have to do a bit of digging around, but you can find land-based fishing spots by just looking around on a map.


wade fishing with wader dave

You don’t NEED a boat!!!

Fishing spots are at your fingertips with online maps and now with Smart Fishing Spots, the game is transformed.

There are perfect land-based spots right in your area, it just takes a bit of digging to find them!

What other questions do you have about land-based fishing spots?

Let me know down in the comments!!

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George Washington
1 year ago

I expect to fish the jetties in Orange county, California soon and enjoy your videos.

Matt Lanier
1 year ago

Great info here Pat! Great work!

Brian Higgins
1 year ago

Don’t forget bridges. There are many bridges with walkways designed to support fishing. Wade fishing requires a hard bottom/sand that is shallow, but be careful since incoming tides can strand & sweep you away.

George Washington
1 year ago

My question is where do you get those plastic tools to take the hook out of the fishes mouth?

1 year ago

Pat, these land-based fishing tips helped me get a better overview of how to identify and pinpoint new potential locations to wade fish. Will especially benefit on travel and vacation trips. Thanks, and keep the good useful info coming!

Joseph Simonds
1 year ago

Great stuff, Pat!

Jan Radjeski
1 year ago

Very good highlights Pat. Hey, even having a boat doesn’t mean you can use it every trip. Many times, we just have short windows of time or ensuing weather holds us back. Land based is a great option. Always get something from your posts to put in my tackle tray.

Joe geis
1 year ago

Thanks Pat. I do most of my fishing from shore. This info will help me find more shore fishing spots.

Rex Russo
1 year ago

Good information, especially about safety. Always know what you are going to find under your feet before wading it. Probe it and then step lightly as you go. As for jetties and boat ramps, there can be a lot of very slippery or even loose rocks. For instance, that boat ramp in Chokoloskee is treacherous. After slipping and falling backwards twice (once at Chokoloskee) — luckily only bruised both times, I bought a pair of short-toothed crampons that slip on over my boots or sneakers. I highly recommend them as slip and falls can do serious damage to the body. Many available on EBay and Amazon for under $15. That’s also a lot less than a trip to the hospital.

James Wilson
1 year ago

Thank you for sharing this information. I wade fish or fish from shore 75% of the time.


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