Wade & Bank Fishing Tips

Below are gear, tips and reports from the experts to help you catch more fish from the shoreline!

Public Fishing Lands (TX – FL – VA)

Have you seen the new public (and private) fishing land map layer? This intel is game-changing for finding land-based fishing spots, kayak...
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A Guide’s #1 Tip To Catch More Fish

On a recent trip, a local guide told me his #1 Tip to catch MORE fish!!! Wader Dave is a wade fishing guide in the Tampa area...
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60 Minutes To Fish: Can I Get A Wade Fishing Slam?

With just 60 minutes to fish, could I reel in a wade fishing slam? Armed with one rod and a few lures, I set out to get some bites at a...
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Fishing From Shore With Dell Murray [Land Based Tips]

On a windy and chilly morning, I met up with Insider Member Dell Murray for some land-based fishing! The goal here was to target backwater...
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Wade Fishing Slam In Just 60 Minutes [Insider Report]

This report shows how productive wade fishing can be as long as good spots are selected to fish... quick trip with great action.
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Land-Based Fishing Spots!!

One of the top requests on Smart Fishing Spots has been land-based fishing spots. You ask, you receive! Listen in to hear the exciting...
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It’s THIS Easy To Find Quality Fishing Spots From Shore

Struggling to find ‘GOOD’ fishing spots from shore? One of the biggest issues shore anglers run into is ACCESS to open water from land. I’ll...
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Gear Check: Shore Fishing Equipment You Need For Success

For instant success, here's the shore fishing equipment you NEED! Don't have a boat? Don't sweat it! You can catch the fish of a lifetime...
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Wade Fishing Tackle, Best Spots, & Misconceptions

Wader Dave is BACK to talk all things wade fishing!!! He's sharing a bunch of new wade fishing tips including how he's been finding new...
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Dock Fishing For Redfish [Ultimate Redfish Course Sneak Peek!]

Dock fishing for redfish can be absolutely EPIC! You've just got to know what to look for. Before we release the NEW...
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The Shore Fishing Tackle Box: Everything You Need To Catch More Fish

What could be inside THE Shore Fishing Tackle Box??? This is just about everything you will need to be successful from shore...
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Best Types of Spots To Fish From Shore [Spot Dissection Lesson]

Hey Insiders, it’s Spot Dissection time! In this lesson, I will be going over how to find the best types of spots to fish from...
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Cold Early Morning Spring Wade Fishing Trip With Wader Dave

I hit the water with Wader Dave on an early morning spring wade fishing trip!! It was early March and weather patterns had been...
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Wade Fishing With Wader Dave On A Cool Spring Morning [Insider Report]

In this video, you’ll see the highlights from a recent Wade fishing trip I went on with Wader Dave after some cold fronts had come...
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How To Plan A Successful Land-Based Fishing Trip [Mini-Course]

It’s Mini-Course time! In this course, we will cover a topic that we get a lot of requests for and that is land-based fishing. There...
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