Dock Fishing For Redfish [Ultimate Redfish Course Sneak Peek!]

Dock fishing for redfish can be absolutely EPIC!

You’ve just got to know what to look for.

Before we release the NEW Ultimate Redfish Course, we first wanted to give you a little sneak peek of what’s to come!

Check it out and stay tuned for the upcoming release!!

Dock Fishing For Redfish [VIDEO]

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You must fish where the redfish are!!!

Redfish are structure fish and shorelines are a form of structure.

You will find redfish along the shoreline as well as below the dock tight to structure.

The best area to find redfish when dock fishing is on the “Redfish Highway” which stretches across the shoreline around the dock and continues along the bank.

These fish want to be in 18-24 inches of water as close to the shore as possible.

This is also where baitfish gathers and you’ll be able to see pretty quickly whether or not bait is present just by looking down into the water.

Another thing to keep in mind while docking fishing is that you’re fishing from a fixed position.

The fish have to swim toward you – you don’t go out after the fish.

The goal is to intercept redfish that are cruising up and down the Redfish Highway.

Moreover, an often overlooked spot to look for redfish is right beneath your feet below the dock.

Now this might not be the case if the dock is busy and there is lots of foot traffic.

But if you’re fishing in deeper water in the 5-7 foot range and the current brings murky water through, redfish might be below the dock.

The concentrations of redfish will be in the Redfish Highway while also making their way right below the dock itself.

Before walking out onto the dock, remain quiet and drop your bait or lure right beside the dock.

Let the bait sink all the way to the bottom and fish it slowly as close to the dock as you can.


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Steven Free
10 months ago

Huh I got you wrong Pete I always thought you only fished with live bait because on all your other saltstrong videos that’s the only thing you fished with and talked about as well but anyways never thought of a red being so close to shorelines especially if there isca dock near by I always thought that they only would be either directly under or right next to a piling about halfway under but never really shallow but I k now you are correct after all you fish for a living I’m just a recreational angler but as far as summer I guess during the day the reds would be more under then on the side of the dock or by the shoreline to escape the heat? Thanks for the great tip and all you do😉👍

Michael Guay
10 months ago


10 months ago

Great video, very straightforward.

Strayed Cat
10 months ago

Oddly, I’ve seen dock, pier and surf fisherman casting as far as possible from their positions. Typical human nature, I guess?
On the contrary from a boat casting to docks, piers or shoreline. Typical human nature, I guess?
Fish smarter, not necessarily farther…with Salt Strong knowledge.

William Travers
10 months ago

Can’t wait for the fall! Thank you for this insight.

Barry Turner
10 months ago

Great info will be fishing for reds in early October .
How about some information on speckled trout on their fishing patterns?

Mark R Johnson
10 months ago

I like the current to carry the lure under the dock when possible.

Ronald Pagano
10 months ago

Love the “Redfish Highway” reference, so true about the Reds!

Larry Williams
10 months ago

LOve this. Very spot on.

Jon Fortune
10 months ago

When is the release of this Redfish Course? Going to be epic


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