Where To Fish On A Pier (Zones Lesson)

How do you know where to fish on a pier?

Being that piers are a spot EVERYONE has access to, they’re a great place to get some tight lines and catch a variety of different fish.

But for some, it can be intimidating.

We teamed up with AnglerUp with Brant to bring you the Ultimate Mastery guide to Pier Fishing!!

Where To Fish On A Pier [VIDEO]

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Brant reveals the THREE zones you need to target when fishing from a pier.

More importantly, you’ll understand how and WHY to target different species in the separate zones.

Pier Fishing Zones: Breaking It Down

There are three zones we reference when talking about fishing from the pier.

You can start down at the back of the pier.

This is what we call the “Surf Zone” because this is the surf where waves are crashing onto the beach.

The Surf Zone presents an opportunity to catch multiple species such as whiting, pompano, and redfish.

Those are commonly the three big targets in the Surf Zone.

Moreover, the middle portion of the Pier is called “No Man’s Land”.

This is the area of the pier most people walk right by and don’t think twice.

But it often can be a very good spot to stop and fish.

No Man’s Land is a great area to target Spanish mackerel, bluefish, ladyfish, and other similar species.

So if you are hitting the pier just to see some action and get tight lines, don’t overlook this middle section!

The third and final section of the pier is what we call “The Bullpen”.

This is the very end of the pier where a lot of the serious anglers are set up.

You can catch the biggest fish off the pier in this section such as King mackerel, blackfin tuna, bonito, cobia, and more.

If you’re out hunting big game, then the bullpen is the place for you!

➡ Get the Pier Fishing Mastery Course

This is just a SNEAK PEEK of the upcoming Pier Fishing Mastery Course!!

Within the course, we’ll talk in more detail about how you would fish all 3 pier zones and the rigs, tricks, and secrets that come along with it!

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George Washington
1 year ago

I signed up for the course today. I intend to fish shores and piers and jetties mostly.

Michael Modisett
1 year ago

Is this course not included with an Insider Membership?

George Washington
1 year ago

pier fishing of course

George Washington
1 year ago

I’m going to enjoy you beach fishing course.

Roger Csajko
1 year ago

Looking forward. To the course

Spencer Manning
1 year ago

Ready for some actionnnn

Richard Arredondo
1 year ago

Looking forward for course to start up

Mohamed Aboseada
1 year ago

Can’t wait for this course to be released

John C Crossley
1 year ago

Didn’t see a link to sign up for the Pier Fishing course. How do we do that?

Edward Bennett
1 year ago

I am really looking forward to this course. It could really help me with pier fishing.


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