This Is How To Locate Redfish On High Tide Around Grass Flats

Are you itching to fish but the tide is high and you aren’t sure where the fish will aggressively hunt bait?

The best areas to reel in slot redfish on high tide are in the grass flats or areas with a big tidal shift.

The tall grass and sloping banks allow redfish to pile up and find bait in the mud.

Check out these tips on how to successfully target redfish at high tide!

This Is How To Locate Redfish On High Tide In Grass Flats [VIDEO]

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Even though there will be more water, the fish can be predictable in the areas they set up in.

Fishing The Grass Line

A productive area to fish is a steep bank below a line of taller grass where there is good current nearby connecting to a larger body of water.

This can be near a main creek system or intercoastal waterway.

The best time to fish these areas is when the water just starts to creep into the grass.

There’s just enough water for the baitfish and crustaceans to get into the grass and find somewhere to hide but not enough water for the redfish to swim in there and feed.

During this time, the redfish are hugging very close to the banks cruising up and down picking off small baitfish.

This is also one of the best times in the tide cycle to fish hard and cover water up and down the banks.

The fish are aggressive and hunting bait along the edges of the grass.

An important key to keep in mind is looking for high probability zones on the bank.

Whether that be a small grass point on edges of small coves or anything that breaks the linear shoreline.

Fishing In The Grass

When more water starts to come in, don’t be afraid to cast a few feet into the grass with a weedless jerk shad or spoon.

Many times these fish are several feet or more into the grass.

By slowly pulling it through the grass you will get the attention of a redfish and they will strike the lure.

Fishing The Tidal Flats

These are areas that are dry during most of the tide cycle.

When there is enough water for the redfish to get into these areas, they are in a race against time to eat as much as they possibly can before the water empties back out and the tide changes.

The flats are also plentiful with crabs and shrimp among other baitfish that are trying to escape from predators.

If you have a small craft or skiff you can get onto these flats for a short time and do some fishing.

This will often have good sight fishing opportunities as well where you will be able to see pushes and wakes from redfish.

And who doesn’t want to see that??


Fishing on high tide can be productive as the fish are hungry and active in the tidal flats and areas with tall grass.

The redfish will hug the shoreline in search of baitfish or crustaceans to feed on.

And breaks in the shoreline can indicate where a fish might be patrolling for food.

Casting out into the grass for redfish will also give you the best chance at catching a slot redfish during high tide.

If you have any further questions about targeting redfish on high tide, please let me know in the comments!!

And if you know someone who loves to catch redfish but cannot find them at high tide, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Matthew Lanier
1 month ago

Great Video Richard!! Well done my man!!
Solid Work!

Matt Twigg
1 month ago

Hey Richard, great video! Question: When fishing the tidal flats, how shallow is “too shallow” when it comes to the water depth that redfish will venture in to feed? I’ve heard the term “belly crawler” when it comes to redfish swimming in shallow water, but I’ve never actually seen this myself. I always assumed that I shouldn’t bother fishing water any shallower than 10-12″.

Just thought of another question: Do redfish hunt in groups of more than 2-3 or are they typically solo hunters? For example, if I hook up a redfish waiting to ambush prey around a bridge pylon, should I assume there are no other redfish around that same pylon and move to another?

Thanks again for the great video!

Matt Twigg
1 month ago
Reply to  Richard Thomas

That is incredibly helpful and I will be putting this knowledge to the test this weekend. My fishing plans have us close to some tidal flats. I’ll be able to directly apply your tactics and post the results in a fishing report in the Community area. Thanks very much for your reply!

Jim Lewis
13 days ago
Reply to  Matt Twigg

I was curious how your weekend fishing venture went Matt. Were you able to get on some fish with the tactics shown in the video and discussion? Hope you did well!!

Skylar pieper and Stacey morris
1 month ago

Do you have an Instagram page Richard?

John Pike
1 month ago

Hey Richard, great video. I noticed you are fishing out of the Shearwater and was wondering how you like it? I currently fish from a Sea Ghost 130 and an Old Town Topwater; and I was thinking of getting a Shearwater. How do you like it and is there a particular reason you chose it over other pedal drive kayaks?

Gustavo Serrano
1 month ago

Great video and info, I plan to try these techniques tomorrow 👍

Mario Relvini
1 month ago

Awesome video Richard! Those were some quality reds!

Mel Crissey
1 month ago

Good tips and video of the catches.

Bill Brown
1 month ago

Nice job cane polling that red !!

Bob Hartwein
1 month ago

Really Enjoyed this video! I couldn’t believe that last Red took the bait after it was dropped so close to him! Great Job!

Pat Ogletree
1 month ago

That was awesome! Great video!

That type of fishing is right up my alley, would love to get up there sometime and do it. Is there a better time of year for fishing on the grass?

Keep these coming!


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