Red Drum Tips

Below are all of our tips and tactics for targeting redfish!

Best Methods For Casting At Tailing Redfish

How can you master the art of casting to tailing redfish? Where should you aim your casts to trigger strikes? If you see redfish tailing...
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Top 3 Mistakes When Fishing For Schooling Bull Redfish

What are the biggest mistakes anglers make when approaching schooling redfish? How can you avoid these mistakes? The secret is...
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How To Find, Approach, & Catch Schooling Redfish

Where should you start if you are trying to locate and catch more redfish this fall? The fish are schooling up and to find them you...
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This Is How To Use A Vent Tool To Revive Bull Redfish

How can you ensure redfish you just caught will swim off safely and has regained its breath? For catch and release anglers, the answer is...
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Flood Tide Tips To Catch Tons Of Redfish (Lures & Tactics)

Are you often fishing in coastal marshes with massive flood tides? What are the best lures and tactics to target big fish? The secret is...
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How To Catch More Fish In Murky Water (Around Structure)

Are you often wondering why you aren't catching fish in murky water? You may need to change up your tactics because fish typically stay...
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This Is How To Locate Redfish On High Tide Around Grass Flats

Want to know the secrets to catch slot redfish on high tide? There's no mystery that redfish are going to go where the bait is but do you...
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How To Catch Big Redfish With A Lure Under A Popping Cork

Want to enhance your popping cork technique to catch big redfish? Check out these tips for the best presentation and a casting tip that...
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Why 20% Of Fishermen Catch 80% Of The Redfish…

The best inshore saltwater anglers are hiding something from you. They have a distinct advantage - it's not what you think... find out how they do it here.
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How to Find and Fish Redfish and Black Drum Schools [Mini-Course]

It’s school time! Black drum and redfish are notorious for cruising the flats and tailing in large schools. Finding these schools (and catching the fish...
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