Top 3 Mistakes When Fishing For Schooling Bull Redfish

How should you approach a school of redfish without scaring them off?

What are the biggest mistakes an angler can make when trying to find schools of redfish?

Redfish are a finicky species but if you are using the right approach, you can have fun plucking big fish from schools!

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Top 3 Mistakes When Fishing For Schooling Bull Redfish [VIDEO]

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Whether you are approaching a school of redfish or even trout, it is a good rule of thumb to keep these three common mistakes in mind.

Approaching The School From The Wrong Direction

This is usually the most common mistake when trying to fish schools.

Anglers will try to approach the school from an upwind position and this hinders your casting distance and creates a hull slap on your boat.

That sound of the hull slap will often break the school of fish up.

Casting In The Wrong Location

Anglers tend to cast directly into ripples or the mud where they see fish and this can either spook fish or it means you are too late.

Fish will have most likely moved along before you are able to cast directly into a school.

Trolling Motor Speeds

Typically, the speed to focus on when trolling for schooling redfish is nothing above 3.

Make sure you are not bumping the bottom and you aren’t buzzing water on the surface.

A very common mistake amongst boaters fishing schools of redfish is cavitating.

For example, two anglers can be up at the front of the boat fishing, and then one decides to move to the back of the boat to fish.

The boat will then cavitate and possibly spook a school of redfish.


Bottom line, get upwind of the schooling redfish and set your trolling motor low while remaining in place to avoid cavitating.

Aim your casts for the outliers of the school of fish near the edges, leading the pack, or the fish bringing up the rear.

If you cast directly in the middle of a school, you risk scaring them off and all the fish will disappear.

If you have any more questions on catching schooling redfish, please ask me down in the comments!

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Nick Caldarelli
2 years ago

Is there any data to support positioning of the larger fish in a school such as leading the pack or trailing behind at the rear of the pack?

Lyle Crafton
2 years ago

Short and too the point. The video showed a good clip of what it looked like the trolling motor spooking the school looked like. They are certainly sensitive to sound and movement. Great Info.

Neal Hagood
2 years ago

Thank You Capt Caleb! Solid tips!
I’ve been a Youtube fan for some time! My Corky Guru!
Welcome aboard the SaltStrong Crew!
A Great new assett – And I love the additional Texas Connection!


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