Red Drum-Winter Reports

Below are reports and tips for Red Drum in winter conditions. Take note of the trends that our coaches observe for this time of year and how it translates into the tactics used to catch fish!

Simple Hack To Find Big Schools Of Winter Redfish [Fishing Report]

Have you been able to find redfish this winter? Is there a special winter redfish hack to find where they are? If you want to find schools...
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Wade Fishing A Redfish Frenzy [On-The-Water Report]

Have you ever run into a redfish bite quite like this? In this on-the-water footage, you will see how to go wade fishing for redfish...
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#1 Fishing Spot For Winter Redfish & Trout On The Flats

What is the best fishing spot for winter redfish and trout? During the colder months, redfish and trout behavior is predictable and...
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Top 3 Mistakes When Fishing For Schooling Bull Redfish

What are the biggest mistakes anglers make when approaching schooling redfish? How can you avoid these mistakes? The secret is...
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Epic Drone Footage: How To Find & Catch Schooling Redfish

This is the time of year to find redfish schooling up in the shallows and flats! But, what you should you look for to find them? Look for...
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Mid Afternoon Winter Sight Fishing Trip [Tips and Tactics + Map Analysis]

The nice thing about fishing in the winter time is that you can take advantage of fishing later in the day. I did this on...
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Insider Report: Revisiting an Area Under Different Conditions [Results + Map Analysis]

On this trip (Late Fall) I re-visited an area I fished back in July (Summer). Conditions were a bit different with cooler water temps and...
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How Bottom Composition Can Help You Find Fish In the Winter [Insider Report]

In this trip report you will find a great example of how different types of bottom will or will not hold fish during the colder...
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