Simple Hack To Find Big Schools Of Winter Redfish [Fishing Report]


Are you struggling to find big schools of redfish this winter?

Do you ever wonder if there was a winter redfish hack so you could find fish much easier?

If you want to locate more redfish schools this winter, then check this out!

Learn more here!!

Winter Redfish Hack

Creek mouths and entrances that lead into flats are areas that may hold lots of fish during winter.

On a negative or low tide, the fish will sit in pockets at creek mouths waiting for bait to swim right to them.

If you implement the twitch-twitch-pause retrieve technique, the redfish won’t be able to resist!

Be sure to look for deeper channels with moving water where redfish will sit and wait for bait.

Winter Redfish Hack [VIDEO]

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winter redfish schools, fishing in a barrel!

During the winter, it is all about finding areas with deeper water and pockets of bait where fish feel comfortable and have an easy food source nearby.

If you find yourself fishing low tides, make sure you look for deeper holes where fish can sit and wait for bait to be swept into their mouths!

Get out those paddletails and twitch-twitch-pause until you trigger reaction strikes from lethargic redfish this winter!!

Do you have any more questions on finding schools of winter redfish?

Let me know down in the comments!

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Joseph Kavanagh
1 year ago

I had a cormorant get extremely aggressive with me the other day I gave him 2 small croakers that I caught for bait.

Amos S. Jones
2 years ago

Great advice! Planning a trip to the coastal areas of South Carolina soon! Will use your suggestions as my guide to land some reds! Thanks for the tips!

Tammi Morrisette
2 years ago

Ottergate 2022, #glockedandloaded. Check out Dirty South Kayak Anglers FB group. A guy named Texas RX Angler posted a video on his page where he legit pulls a Glock on 2 otters. People are putting up memes all over. It’s a whole thing now. lol!


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